How does an adoption agency go broke?

Check out the news behind this adoption agency’s demise.  I believe this is the one that a friend of mine used for her adoption.  And guess what?  She’s in Africa right now with her new son awaiting a visa.  She basically just made it!  What about the other poor families who have yet to receive a referral, or worse, have one and don’t have their child yet?  I was reading some of the comments about this and of course, there’s the a**holes that say oh, why don’t they just adopt a baby at home?  Buy Canadian.  The government can bail out GM but screw the children.  Hello?????  What the freak do you think we were trying to do????  They have absolutely no idea of what it takes to adopt any child!  Ohmigod, don’t get me started!  Too late!!!  Of course, they don’t know that people would love to adopt a child in Canada, but can’t catch a break. The waiting lists are up to 8 years!  Hey, somebody give me a Canadian baby and we’ll be able to go to Disneyland after.   My profile is still languishing in a lawyer’s office somewhere in Toronto (note to self – send them an email to just forget about it).  Adoption is for rich people!?  What was I thinking?    Cause it’s only about the money, right?  Really?  That’s news to us and all the people I know who have begged, borrowed and cashed in everything they can to bring a child into their family.  I want a car to get from A to be but only a Maserati will do!  Screw the Ford.

I’m hyperventilating right now.

My heart is with all those families that have already invested their resources, their hearts and their hopes in bringing home a child and are caught up in this nightmare.


2 thoughts on “How does an adoption agency go broke?

  1. Oh, I’ve been following this story & thinking I should blog about it too. It makes me furious. Couples who have spent tens of thousands of dollars & now have nothing to show for it. Seems like no matter where or how you try to adopt, there are problems & hurdles. “Just adopt,” indeed. 😦

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