More news on agency bankruptcy

Families hit by agency’s collapse.

Ethiopian kids in limbo

If you care to look at some of the comments made after the CBC article, this only highlights some of the attitudes that adoptive parents have to endure.  Yes, we’re all entitled to our opinions, but I would love it if people who have actually experienced adoption through the foster care system or otherwise, share their opinion, rather than people who have no clue.

I’m struggling so hard to make it through this waiting process, maintain positivity and optimism and endurance in the face of daunting challenges.  This is a given if you choose the path of overseas adoption.  I just had the “misfortune” to have to wait longer than a week.  Or a year.

Just adopt, my ass.


2 thoughts on “More news on agency bankruptcy

  1. It’s interesting – when we were struggling thru treatments we were asked “why don’t you just adopt” and then when we finally made the decision to take that path, people wanted to know why we didn’t choose International or why we went to the US or why we didn’t go thru the ministry.

    I think one commenter said it best – It’s a private decision.

    I wonder how many of those negative opinions work(ed) for GM?

  2. That expression uttered casually and ignorantly should come with a $20,000 fine payable to the person to whom that comment was directed. It might help offset the costs involved…

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