Too hot for this @*%#!

I lost my cell phone on Friday.  Swell.  Took the dog for a long walk in the forest and for some reason, I decide to put it in my pocket.  Not something I normally do, but I did it and somewhere along the line, I lost it.  I went back out immediately with my bike and retraced my steps.  Nothing.  Nada.  Just about everyone in this city has a cell phone so I thought somebody would call me at home or turn it in.  Nope.  Hubby even went back out when he came home.  Nothing.  Mmmm.  No, I didn’t check the garbage cans full of poo and trash, though the thought of it crossed my mind.  Did I mention it’s friggin hot here?  Stinkin’ hot.

I go to the place where I got it and of course, they want big bucks to replace my phone – you know, the one I got for FREE when I signed the contract.  I went to Winners instead and bought a Calvin Klein summer dress (size 10 thank you very much), pair of cotton pajama pants and a yellow thong.   Just cause.   I felt like it.  And yes it was less than what the new phone would have cost.  So what.  I was annoyed. I look cute in that dress which is saying something cause I rarely wear dresses.  Now I just need to get matching sandals.  Heheh.

I was hoping DH could swing a deal to get me a new phone but of course, I had to call him first so I had to go to a hotel to find a pay phone.  How quaint. It’s a bit tough to find a pay phone these days as you can imagine, so I had to walk for a few blocks.  Thanks for the help cell phone store guy! Then back to the store to ask him a question – which I couldn’t ask because they were all busy with customers for several minutes.  Off to get mum for our visit.  She has a phone but hubby wasn’t answering.  So I take mum with me to the cell phone store, the answer is no, they won’t service phones from another provider, so off to Starbucks for a cool drink.  I am aware that I am practically tweeking without my cell phone.  Can’t call hubby back cause that would require me dragging mum and me off to find another pay phone and I’m wearing the wrong flip flops that day.  Weird not being able to call anyone at the drop of a hat.

Later, we enjoyed the summer fireworks at my friend’s still unfinished penthouse apartment.  Weird weather.  Really weird. The sky was lit up in a stange orange haze and we actually had a thunderstorm complete with lightening.  We rarely get thunderstorms here.  It was very really cool with the fireworks.

Next morning as I’m taking Juno out, I discover the elevator is not working.  Again.  I’ve been trapped twice in the elevator this year.  This is on ongoing issue and I’m wondering if they’re waiting for someone to die in the elevator before they actually get it fixed properly.   Surprisingly it was fixed before my Buddhist district showed up later that evening for a meeting.  Thank you!

And last but not least, hubby informs me that a big deal at work fell through.  His stress meter is at medium high.  The Bank of Canada says the recession is over.  Really?  Seriously?  Doesn’t feel that way to us. We were just looking at places to buy.   So I guess I can kiss goodbye all but vital purchases in the near future.  So long matching shoes!  Sigh.


5 thoughts on “Too hot for this @*%#!

  1. Did I say that right? I meant that you probably wear a size smaller than you think you do. I don’t think it came out that way. Am I making any sense? Can I take back my previous comment? UGH.

  2. Funny how attached we can get to these THINGS, isn’t it?? Cellphones don’t do it for me, but being away from the computer for too long gets me edgy, wondering what I’m missing out on, lol.
    I’m still at my parents’ & they do have a computer, but I’m constantly interrupted :p & way behind on my blog reading (never mind writing).

  3. Hello my dear friend — I’ve been out of town and off of the computer…and have much catching up to do — it’s funny — just the other day I thought specifically of you and Sampson — and though I couldn’t have possibly remembered the date — I flashed on it for a moment — and so, a sign of connection to you that I wanted to tell you about…my heart is with you — even when I’m quiet over here.

    I laughed out loud about Vancouverites propensity to melt. I belong there damn it.

    I have lots to catch up on — and I haven’t put your new address on my reader yet — bear with me — and know I love you.



  4. My cell phone is like my fingers. I don’t really think about them, till they don’t work, then all hell breaks loose.

    Ok, I will admit it….it’s like that with my computer too. I have a sad case of technology addiction.

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