Happy Pride Day!

Pride balloonsYesterday, we took Juno out for her first big walk since her operation and then went around the corner, set our chairs in some shade and checked out the parade.  Swag collected – orange and green beads and a condom pack complete with lube.  Can’t wait to stick this to DH’s nephew when he comes to visit this weekend.  Hah!

Pride Parade

Showing their pride – I’ll say!  I didn’t take a picture of the old grizzled guys who didn’t bother with underwear.  I think I was either in shock or completely unimpressed.

Beads for Juno

The kids along the parade route made out like bandits – collecting the most swag -necklaces, candy,  Happy Planet was giving them juices(retail $3) but they gave the adults the juice shots – they were small slim bottles marked Detox or Immunity +.  I tried the Immunity drink – yuck – tasted like medicine.  Must be for hard core partiers – which was me back in the day.  I remember we used to drink ginseng after a night of heavy drinking.

I enjoyed the parade.  The weather was great – people were having a great time!  It brought back memories of Caribana – except for the scantily clad club boys and semi-nude dykes on bikes.  But whatever floats your …. float.   Some of the costumes were carnival like.wild costume

I really like it when people put a lot of effort into what they’re wearing – let’s see some style dahlings!


Girls ran over to take pictures with these strapping lads.

We didn’t go over to the beach for the entertainment or to go round around all the booths that are set up  (I usually drop by the Buddhist tent to say hello) – instead I went home and had a 2 hr nap.  I’m getting old.


6 thoughts on “Happy Pride Day!

  1. I miss Pride!

    I haven’t gone for years now — but it always creates this glow when I see the celebrations…how far we’ve come! I have a great picture of my brother and his little boy and the moms at their parade this year — and it does just that — fills me with pride.


    All that said — partying takes a total backseat to a nice nap these days– and perhaps forevermore…


  2. All those guys are gay?! I can’t believe I’m saying this… first time in my life I’m even thinking this… but what a pity…

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