More on those darn young’uns

Thanks to wise grandmother, we have since learned that our young house guests haven’t planned well for their month long vacation.  Young nephew’s girlfriend has not brought any money and young nephew is footing her share – and of course, he doesn’t have enough.  And what have they been doing ?  Shopping – buying designer purses and jackets.  And being from England, our exchange rates are quite favourable.  Which explains why they have been sitting on couch and waiting for us to decide their itinerary because we have been paying for it.  Cause, you know, we’re loaded.  Ah, hahahahaha.  It’s amazing what young minds perceive, isn’t it?  They don’t seem to realize that everything we have, we had to earn the money and pay for it.  And we’re still paying for it.  And we’re adopting – which means we have a lot of travel and expenses ahead.  Of course, that’s not their problem.  Mind you, we don’t mind paying for some things, we’d do that for any visitor, but hubby already gave him nephew some spending money.  If they think uncle and auntie and grandma are subsidizing ALL  their shopping, meals and activities, cause they didn’t properly plan their month long visit, they’ve got another thing coming!  It might have been wiser if they had planned on a 2 week visit, right?  I haven’t spent a month on holiday anywhere.  There’s a reason for that.  It costs money!!! Even if you’re staying with relatives and you don’t have to pay for accomodation.  Cause even if you stay with family, you buy food, you take them out for dinner and bring gifts, to show them your appreciation for inconveniencing them.  Which you are, even though they love you.

Even when we went on our European extravaganza, we spent my money on activities, not designer purses. In my book, a boat ride or helicopter trip is more fun than a purse.  But that’s me.  I’ll eat bread and cheese in a bag if it means I can splurge on dinner or take a tour.

Oh, I can hardly wait til they get back here.  Hubby will be away and I am working and Auntie will have a long list of fun activities for them to do.  Mmmm, grocery shopping (get to know the locals), walking the dog (you can see the sites!), picnics in the park (dining al fresco) cutting out 2 for 1 coupons.  I’ll be at getting a pedicure at the spa, ciao dahlings.


5 thoughts on “More on those darn young’uns

  1. Eeek! I’m horrified by this update on their cluelessness! I love your itinerary for when they get back, though – maybe you should include a walking tour of the downtown eastside to give them a bit of perspective…

  2. WOW! You’re a very nice hostess! I don’t think I was that clueless at 18. Or maybe I was, I just didn’t know it.

    Hope you enjoyed your pedicure and they had a good day with Juno.

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