A word about 18  year olds.  We were told that as they were independent and in love, you’d think they’d want to do their own thing, being in the big city and all, lots of stuff to do and see within walking distance; they’d be out the door early and come back in late.  No such luck.  Delighted to see my hubby’s nephew (at one point we’d thought we have to take him in and raise him ourselves), I was happy babying him with home baked blueberry muffins and hugs and kisses.  He hangs on my hubby’s every word and waits for him to come home from work.  They stay home and watch TV in the evenings.  We did manage to take them to the aquarium and Walmart.  Yes, Walmart.  Apparently she had never seen one before.  She arrived sadly with a nasty cold and cough  (and now I have it) and it hasn’t occured to her to stop smoking for a bit or take any cold medicine. I introduced her to my pal, Nyquil and homemade chicken soup.  I’ve had to prompt them every morning as to their what they want to do or what they want for dinner and it’s met by her doe eyes looking at him and then low talking that goes on and on with no answer in sight.  They’re so sweet, polite and lovely kids but they move as slow as molasses.   When I arrive in a new city, I hit the ground running, sucking in all the sights and sounds and come back to the hotel only to sleep.   Even when I was 18, being away from home, I was a lean, mean, runing the streets machine.  I let them know that all custom food orders were over and they could help themselves.  It’s painful, people, watching them make a cup of tea and trying to get the dishes into the dishwasher.  It doesn’t occur to them to simply wash the teaspoon by hand.  Was I so tentative when I was their age?  They also seem to be allergic to salad and vegetables.  Ah, the lures of 7-11.  I can’t compete.  They’re adorable, they’re talking about marriage and they can’t even make breakfast.  Needless to say they slept in the morning they had to catch the 11 o’clock ferry and we had to delay our departure by an hour. Oh, well, who doesn’t love sleeping in?

Update:  our social worker called and rescheduled her visit til next Friday.  See, miracles do happen.


4 thoughts on “Young’uns

  1. Ugh! It drives me nuts when people that age are so lacking in basic life skills. My hubby’s son is much better now but for a long time whenever he’d come for supper I’d have to try not to kill him – he didn’t even seem to know how to wipe the table or put the dishes away. Brutal.

    Good on you for being so patient with them!

  2. I have three of those at my house. The ones that can’t seem to get their asses in gear, unless of course, it involves something fun for them, then they are out the door like a shot.

    I cannot even tell you how many times I have called into the other room to request the person that left the trash on the counter NEXT TO THE CUPBOARD WITH THE TRASHCAN. Yes, I do make them come back and throw it away even if I am standing there. Is it a pain? YEP but I will be damned if I am going to be the maid.

    They are so infuriating….I just hope someday their wives somehow know that I TRIED to train them.

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