I left them alone

I had took Juno for a walk in the endowment lands where she proceeded to play with the big boys, noticed on the way back that she had a torn dewclaw pad, made a stop at the vet – he cut off the dead skin and told me it was nothing – and NO CHARGE! She didn’t even feel it.  Then quick shower to look presentable at my meeting with my agent. I told her I was adopting.  Yikes, I didn’t really want to but I wanted to let her know that I may be unavailable at certain times due to travel and such.  She told me that her brother and sister in law had been trying for 7 years and were now considering adoption.  Wow.  It’s like being gay – everybody knows at least one.

Then I jetted off to pick up the nephew at the ferries.  Took them off and made butter chicken for their supper.  Well, the fast way, with a jar of President’s Choice sauce and Instant Rice. Then made a salad for myself and walked to work.  I was gone 5 hours.  When I got back, the garbage was still to be taken out, the leftover food was still on the stove and the nephew had managed to drop the spare set of keys down the elevator shaft.  Yep.  I had to tell them to take out the garbage and clean up and put away the food.  I change and come back out and see the pots are clean but the food is still in the lidless container I put it in.  Seems looking in the cupboard for the lid was a bit too much for the girlfriend.  Oh, yeah and the jar and a knife and spoon was still in the sink, the counter was splashed with sauce.  I washed it, couldn’t quite figure out a way to let them know that they had done a piss poor job of cleaning up without actually yelling.  I really try not to lecture after 10pm.

Tomorrow however is another day.  And I’m in a good mood.

I booked a gig!  And I have another audition – however, I’m going to have to leave them in charge of my mother for 15 minutes so I can make it to my audition in time.  I hope she doesn’t land in an elevator shaft.


3 thoughts on “I left them alone

  1. Argh, teenagers!! (Of course, you do know they were once cute, adorable babies too, right?? lol)(But of course, YOUR child will be perfect…!) Good luck with the audition!

  2. Ooh, they sound so very annoying.

    Glad you are in a good mood and that you booked a gig and got another audition – well done, you genius woman!

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