The Middle Way

Iron fist in velvet glove beats the gnashing and snarling of a mad dog.  Oh, I mean when I suggested to hubby that he go on a dog walk with his nephew alone, he snarled that he had already made arrangement to go with a friend and why should he change his plans, blah, blah, blah.  He seems to think that my covert proddings are enabling.  I just think it’s better than being frustrated.  At the heart of it all, he loves his nephew deeply and though he may be disappointed in him from time to time, he is a good kid and it’s a freaking miracle he’s not completely screwed up.  DH just missed having him to himself.  I left him all snarly and pissed and as I’m leaving for work, nephew is trailing behind him with the dog.  Mmmm, seems like my way won out.  Shades of what my future is going to be.

In-laws (plus their dog) arrive today, it’s going to be a full house.  Luckily, I’m working again tonight but I gotta come home sometime. Pray for me. Nam myo ho renge kyo.   Two final words…. pinot grigio.


3 thoughts on “The Middle Way

  1. Oy veh! I am praying for you as always, and hoping the full house isn’t too taxing on you and hubby.

    Twice in one day you have totally cracked me up. I have images of you chanting with the clever insertion of “pinot grigio”, over and over, awash in waves of peace and bliss. Have one or two for me – I’m in a random grumpy mood today for no apparent reason. The tiny can of Coke I had with my lunch didn’t do much to perk me up, either. Harumph.

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