Almost there

The in-laws came over yesterday, I spent half an hour with them and then I had to go to work.  Hubby was working later than usual, so I didn’t even see him before I left.  Next day, we were up early as it was the kids’ last day here.  I got up early and made a blueberry lemon loaf – except, I forgot the baking powder, so that masterpiece gets dumped into the garbage.  I make another one, take the dog out, shower, clean up and low and behold the second I finished brushing my teeth, the 2nd wave of visitors were walking in.  Hubby was supposed to go in to work early and then go and pick them up at the hotel, but he was too busy so the in-laws went to get them.  Did I mention it was 10am? We wait for hubby, but he’s a no-show.  Obviously there’s something big going on at work.  And my lovely blueberry lemon loaf is not ready.  Swell.  But the kids did get me flowers and a card.  Sweet.  So we decide to go see the totem poles in Stanley Park and walk the dogs at the same time.  By the time we get back, the dogs are completely wiped out and we’ve run out of time for all of us to go out for lunch.  So we drop off father in law and uncle and aunt at a nearby restaurant, I grab Subway for the kids while they get their luggage ready.  Still no hubby.  Text back and forth.  He says to wait for him.  We throw wolf down subs and go pick him up, drive to the airport and see the young’uns off.  Bye bye and then we drive back, hubby and I drop MIL off with the keys, go grocery shopping and booze and get back to the uncle and aunt who are waiting for us in our apartment.  I rush around the kitchen and throw some appies  together and start throwing drinks down people’s throats.  Hubby is exhausted, but he rallies, takes a shower and we enjoy chatting and that til we go for dinner.  (By the way the uncle and aunt know we’re adopting, I’m not entirely happy that MIL has told them, but you see it affects her as the potential grandmother.  She really wants a baby, too!)    Then they walk back to the hotel, the hubby and DH grab the dogs and give them their nightly runs and then we check our emails. I get an email from the US social worker telling me that Emily misunderstood my joking email about DH being it the delivery room with his eyes closed (she doesn’t want him in there and frankly he doesn’t want to be there  – even though I think it would be wonderful moment to see “his” son born – but hey, it’s not our call and it’s not my vajayjay on display; hell, I’m not sure I’m NOT going to PASS OUT)  and now the social worker needs to be at our reunion meeting.  So my plans of how things should go are out the window.  Sigh, what was I thinking?  This is what happens when you can’t get a hold of someone.  GRRRRR!  I need to call the US social worker first thing in the morning cause later on we’re supposed to go out with the uncle and aunt  before they catch a plane back to Europe. And then hopefully by nightfall, everyone will be outa here!  Oh, and somehow visit my mother.  Swell.  Subtitle for my life – Something’s Gotta Give.

3 bottles of wine down, 1 fancy martini and 1 Monte Cristo coffee (I’m wired and jittery now and  can’t sleep ) – I’m feeling the cracks again.  Tell me it’s just the caffeine! Please, tell me I have an ativan rolling around somewhere……..


One thought on “Almost there

  1. My huz & I spent 2 wks in Vancouver for our honeymoon 8 years ago. Now I tell my son a series of stories about a squirrel and a blue jay that live in Stanley Park. The blue jay lives near the totem poles.

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