Not today

Lots to do today, gotta pick up some pictures at drugstore, do the usual sweeping up of Juno’s hairs off every available surface, see mum, have a meeting with Buddhist leaders, walk the dog and drop her off at the dog daycare.  I might even go to hot yoga tonight.  Tough life, eh?  I still want to work as much as possible, after all, I will have to start an education fund and plan for raising a child.   How on earth do working women fit in exercise and housework and the rest of it?  Weep salty tears for me, the woman who has not kept a regular schedule in 20 years.

I’ve been walking Juno more than usual, hubby is at work early and working late and when he’s home, he’s still working.  He’s stressing about some business travel he has to do, 4 cities in 2 weeks and of course, there’s this weekend.  At first he loved travelling for business, now I guess the glamour of jet lag and indigestion has worn off. It’s a blessing in a way cause he’ll be able to save aeroplan miles for travel in the future.  This is an amazing benefit and has enabled us to save thousands of dollars.

I’m planning on hitting the gym again while he’s away and living the life of no meat and potatoes cooking and getting to use the remote control.  The thought of getting back into jeans for the fall scares me so  I need to go back to the land of hungry eat carrots again.

Newsflash – I just got back from walking the dog.  You’re never going to believe what just happened to me.  I am so pissed!  I had just left our apartment with Juno (at the front, I normally go through the alley) and she squatted to have her morning pee at the end of a driveway. At the same time, I notice this delivery van slowing down (and I’m assuming he’s looking at addresses) and I turn around to hear some guy yelling.  BLAH, BLAH, YOUR DOG!  I have my Ipod on so I have no idea someone’s actually yelling at me.  The guy had stopped his truck IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, gotten out and came over to see if my dog had pooed and assumed I had willfully not scooped it up!  Then he sees it’s just pee, says something about it being okay and then gets back in the truck and drives off!!!!  I yell back I KNOW HOW TO PICK UP AFTER MY DOG!!! Lame, I know, but I was so shocked!  I was so mad I could have screamed!  I saw what he looked like and I did note the name of the company on the back of the truck.  Curse my bad eyesight, but I didn’t have a chance to get the license plate.

I call hubby of course, cause I don’t know anybody else that’s actually awake at that hour, and I rant, but he doesn’t have time to listen to me.  When I got back home, feeling much calmer,but no less aggrieved so I decide to look up the company, call them and give the fleet supervisor a piece of my mind!  And now I’m going to write a follow up letter to formally lodge a complaint! I’m not looking for the guy to lose his job, but he might want to concentrate on more important things – like driving.

I cannot tell you how many times men(never women)  HAVE GONE OUT OF THEIR WAY to tell me to pick up after my dog cause she squats to pee.  And not even on their lawn or gardens or anything, just  by the sidewalk!  What’s frustrating is that this rarely happens to my husband.  In all the years of dog ownership, I have never left the house without bags in my pocket or I’m wearing a fanny pack full of biodegradable bags.  I have been known to ask strangers for bags if I run out and yes, I have even picked up in the woods (where there’s no one to watch me) and have been known to go back and pick up after my dog hours later!  I have used coffee cups, paper, anything short of using my own hands.  In the case of diarrhea, I have carried around 2 litre water bottles or covered it in dirt!  I have even picked up after other dog owners cause I don’t care to walk in dog poo any more than anyone else does.  So I find it INFURIATING when strange men yell at me FOR NO REASON AT ALL OTHER THAN WHAT THEY ASSUME I HAVE DONE!  I’ve tried being reasonable, I’ve tried being polite – and it just doesn’t seem to work.

Yes, I’m aware that I’m not in a tolerant mood lately. Righteous indignation is in the air, I have just had my fill of lawyers and social workers who are more than willing to tell you how it is and we don’t have a choice, this is the way things are done, too bad, here’s our bill.

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5 thoughts on “Not today

  1. Our dog is a squatter too, and I feel your pain. There is absolutely nothing people yell out of car windows that I’ve ever wanted to hear. It’s the real downside of dog-walking for me.

  2. What a jerk! I am horrified that somebody would yell at you like that without even being sure of what he saw. And then to just drive off – he should have been groveling in apology to you for being so rude.

    Sorry you had to be on the receiving end of that.

  3. My dog also squats to pee and I’m always afraid of this happening…so far it hasn’t, but I think it’s just a matter of time.

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