The unthinkable

Don’t panic.  What I mean by the unthinkable is that I threw a baby shower.  For my best friend.  It went very well.  I wasn’t really quite sure what to do but I discovered diaper cakes and picked one up from a local crafter.  I substituted potted yellow mums and baby’s breath for streamers and paper decorations(small bundt diaper cake in centre).  Last time I had a wedding shower, I had all those crepe paper decoration that nobody wanted, went in the garbage and tons of balloons to pop.

the goodie table

the goodie table

It was a surprise for her – she thought her friends didn’t care – but we did!  Her girl was just busy jetting all over the US in the past month.  Her hubby had the task of delivering her to my place and then he and DH took off with Juno for a really loooooong walk.

Most of her friends don’t have children or theirs were grown up (her mother and an older friend)  so there was lots of booze and a lot less talk of difficult labouring and deliveries.  A Buddhist friend of ours brought her 10 year daughter who was in charge of the games and she did an awesome job of it!   She also made a diaper cake – it took her 4 hours – and it was awesome!

Lisa's diaper cake

Lisa's diaper cake

Better than the one I had purchased!  We played guess the scent in the diaper game, draw a baby pic, taste the baby food contest and also a trivia game.  She read out a question:  What percentage of women under 39 conceive after two years of trying?  a) 90% b) 80% c)70%  or d) 60%.  You know of course I picked d) thinking the percentage should be lower. (The stat I must have been thinking about was the one the RE had given us – less than 13%.)  I was wrong.  It was 90%.  Yeah, of course, I wasn’t thinking of all the teenagers and 20 year olds.  Somehow in my head, I was just thinking  the 30 and up crowd.  Translation: me and most of my blog pals.  Poor kid, she looked so confused by the questions.

I  baked hors d’oeuvres and I even made molten lava chocolate cakes.  Dusted them with icing sugar and two raspberries each.  Crap, should have taken a picture of them – they looked and tasted great still warm from the oven!  I only made 6 of them, but we all shared.  I had made 2 dozen lemon cupcakes the night before so I figured I had the sweets covered. (There are a few left which will probably not survive the day.)

My friend received many lovely gifts – and I had my eye on this one.

Stokke high chair

Stokke high chair

You can add a baby basket/harness for infants so they can sit at table top level with the family.  It is built to grow with the child. It comes in natural wood or various colours. Very cute and all the celebs have their eye on it already.

Everyone had a really good time, the pink rose flowed and it made me so happy to see my friend so happy and delighted.  Miss Grumpy Ass was pleased.  My friend also told me later that she wanted to have a shower WITH me but respected my decision to wait until I actually had our child home.

This morning I went for a long walk with Juno and stopped at a playground.  It’s a beautiful sunshiney day today but I was feeling a little blue for some reason.  I just sat on a bench and watched parents with their little ones.  I felt a little on the outside again, a bit adrift.  Then I set out on my way back home, looking for joy in the swans on the lake, the willow trees, the blue skies.


13 thoughts on “The unthinkable

  1. Wow, go you! Very impressive, all of it. Quite a good friend
    I had my eye on the stokke chair but we’re too damn cheap.

    • I just found out the price tag on that baby – hoping someone decides to “gift” me. You notice these things come in pieces that you have to pay for – you have to buy a padded seat??????

  2. I am really impressed. I think I could do it if I had a fellow IFer with whom I could exchange looks for support during the whole ordeal. It sounds like you really had a good time and your heart was in it for your friend…that the right place. You constantly amaze me…which is why we can never meet in person. I would be too intimidated. But I draw so much strength from your posts like this one.

  3. A TEN YEAR OLD made that?? She could have her own little cottage business making and selling those!

    The highchair…you HAVE to be kidding me. $299 (or $249 on Amazon)….seriously did you look at how it was constructed? You could have that made by a local person that dabbles in wood work for about $25. It isn’t complicated at all. Do I sound ticked? I am…why didn’t I come up with something like that first 😉

  4. I love both diaper cakes, but the one your friend’s daughter did, is impressive!

    I looked into getting one of those chairs for Zilla and just about swallowed my tongue when I saw the price. I get they grow with your child, so it’d be a better deal for a newborn and not a toddler, but STILL!

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and you were able to do something so special for your friend. She’s very lucky to have a caring friend like yourself.

  5. Sounds like you are taking some “baby steps” good for you!

    As for the highchair…it’s fricken cool!
    I want one for my virtual loft in the city!

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