Things to do with your baby girl

On a lighter note, I just watched Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC.  You’ve got to be KIDDING. ME.  One lady actually feeds her tired kid Mountain Dew and candy to get her all hyper for the competition.  I could be wrong but I do believe Mountain Dew has more caffeine than Coke.  Another lady spent about $8000 (including pageant dresses and swimsuits) to fly to Hawaii to have her daughter in the competition.  The prize is $1000, fancy crown and sash.   She also has her spray tanned.  She’s 7 years old.  Oh, you might say this is what happens when people have more money than common sense, and that might be true.

Except that one father works 7 days a week and the mother works 2 jobs so that they can afford these beauty pageants. The dads seem to be rather uninvolved except for the money part.   I’m not sure what basing a 7 year old’s entire self esteem and worth on their looks and the ability to do the splits does to their sense of self  but what do I know, I’m not a parent.  Maybe they learn how to work hard, smile through disappointment, perseverance.  I don’t know.  They all want their daughters to win, win, win and they’ll do whatever it takes, but gosh darn it, those kids don’t want to rehearse very long!  Are there any tell-all books written by  former child pageant winners?  So what do you think a social worker would have said if I had told them that that’s what I wanted to do for my future adopted child.  Think that would impress?


8 thoughts on “Things to do with your baby girl

  1. I am so horrified by that show that I can’t even really handle watching the ads. It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. I know the parents seem to mean well, but gawd!

  2. Oh some of those episodes are like a bad train wreck and I’m embarrassed to say that I… just. can’t. look. away!

    I don’t watch every week but I’ve caught more than a few. The worst one was this mom who had two daughters close in age, both in the pageant. She CLEARLY favored one daughter and the unfavored daughter KNEW. It was really sad 😦

  3. I find adult beauty pageants hard enough to stomach, never mind the pint-sized version. At least (you assume) the adults are doing it of their own free will. I used to cringe every time they showed clips of JonBenet Ramsay all dolled up. Don’t kids grow up fast enough these days as it is??

  4. I’m not sure that “being a parent” is the only qualifier for knowing something. In fact, I know it’s not.

  5. That show is a true TRAIN WRECK!! But it is hard to look away, isn’t it?

    Also… can you send me the password to your posts? I’m curious to know what’s REALLY going on over there 🙂

    When you get a chance… please head on over to my blog as I have a little something there for you 🙂

  6. This is a perfect example of what makes me crazy about all the hoops some people have to go through to adopt, when there are certifiable lunatics popping out kids that they whore out to placate some weird sense of satisfaction in their OWN lives.

    *sorry. obviously this hit a nerve 😉

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