I’m not going to crazy town

I went to see a really wonderful film called “Cole” at the Vancouver Film Festival.  One of my friends is in it and he got tickets for all his peeps to come out and support the film.  So I have no idea if it will get wide release, as it is a Canadian film, but if you get a chance to see it, please go – it’s really wonderful, touching and funny and well crafted.  And bonus, it has black people in it – which for a Canadian film is always a plus for me.  No, I’m not in it, I didn’t really look like the lead’s mum so please forgive them.

Hubby is back home and of course, he thinks the fact that Juno ate my Lululemon hoodie funny.  Really.  I bet you if she ate one of his dress shirts, it wouldn’t be so funny.  When I picked him from the airport at midnight, I blabbed, blabbed, blabbed and ranted half of the next day.  And to think he took a day off work to hear me bitch.  Then I had nice fat glass of shiraz and I elected to put off more ranting til next week.  Hubby came to the same worst case scenario I did (except it took me all of 5 seconds to go there when I got that stupid email) and it felt good to talk to him about it. We’ve decided that it’s all a bunch of crap and we’re not going to crazy town.  Do your hear me, universe, NOT GOING THERE!   Good news is that I got some transcribing work thrown my way and they’re paying me quite well, so no idle hands for me.

It is also our Thanksgiving weekend so I’ll be cooking, serving and tending to my mum tomorrow.  The in-laws have elected not to come over, I’ll miss them but they decided we needed some time alone (besides Juno and mum).  I still haven’t filled in my MIL on the soap opera that is our adoption story but I’m afraid I’ll have to pretend I’m not freaking out and she’ll just be worried sick.  And all for what I’m sure is no reason at all.  Cause one day this is going to make a humdinger of a story.  Did I just say “humdinger”?

Okay, I seriously gotta go back to making money.

Happy Thanksgiving!


5 thoughts on “I’m not going to crazy town

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I will watch out for the movie. Haven’t been to a Canadian movie in awhile — I think the last one was “Away From Her” with Gordon Pinsent & Julie Christie. I love that man. : )

  2. We are in crazy town aka going through the Adoption process. (Thats how I feel at the moment)

    I have everything crossed the obstacles in your path will be swept away and your journey made easier.

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