JuJu Fridays

Cute well behaved dog

Cute well behaved dog

How can something so good…..

finally having a rest

finally having a rest

this cute……

guilty as charged!

guilty as charged!

be so destructive?????!!!!!

the evidence

the evidence

Oh, yes, that’s my Lululemon hoodie jacket that I got last Christmas.  I’ll wait while you look up the price.

zebra limb

zebra limb

I was crazy enough to buy her yet another toy – this one rubber – and it lasted oh, I don’t know, 30 minutes before she thought it would be a good idea to chew through the small hole at the end of it  until she could get the squeaky thing out.  Sigh.  Bless her little razor teeth.

11 thoughts on “JuJu Fridays

  1. Oh, little girl! Why must you have such sharp teeth and expensive, destructive tastes!

    When Lucky went through a chewing thing, he always went for clothing, too. My beautiful green wool jacket – destroyed. Among many other faves. Sigh.

  2. OUCH. I live in a cave so I had never heard of Luluemon, so I looked it up…as I said OUCH.

    Our pups are destructo dogs when it comes to toys. The only thing they haven’t shredded is this wonderful unstuffed thing I found and now wish I had 10 of them.

    I know the vets all say no-no to the rawhide bones but I swear by them. It lets them chew and chew until they are satisfied.

    But oh, look at her face….she needs many many kisses on that sweet face 🙂

    • Please tell me what the toy is – I’m running out of money!!!!! I gave her a rawhide and she loved it – unfortunately she tends to swallow big chunks whole and it bunged her up a bit.

  3. Worst part is, how do you scold them when they give you THAT LOOK!?!

    Lululemon. Ouch. At least she knows the good stuff from the cheap Costco crap…. LOL

  4. Oh, that face! And those floppy ears!
    Man…it’s one thing when it’s their own toys, but when it’s your clothes or other things…it can drive you NUTS! Good luck. (Miss Famous likes hats.)

  5. Have you tried Nylabones? It’s the only thing Toby and Tilly have not been able to tear up. They have had the same one for four years….but of course Toby no longer had those razor sharp puppy teeth when we got him. I can’t believe how big Juno is now! I am going to take a guess and say that the Lululemon hoodie now belongs to her.

  6. your poor hoodie. sorry.

    our old pup used to destroy her toys in record time, like minutes. but then she’d treasure every last little piece of them if you let her. I think she had that zebra too (maybe 2 of them?).

    she had this one little nub of a nylabone (yes she destroyed those too but it took a long long time). there was only about 2 inches left (from 8) and she’d bury it in her toy basket and get SO excited to dig it out. she’d throw it around for a while before gnawing on it again. so cute.


    They are called Skinneeez. They are made by Ethical Products Inc in Bloomfield New Jersey (USA)

    I was in my same old grocery store that I have shopped in for 15 years and lo and behold, they had them hanging with the other toys.

    If you send me your address via email, I would be happy to gift one to Juno 🙂

  8. I don’t know if the Skinneeez and Nylabone worked, but Kongs are what I use and recommend. Kongs and Nylabones look similar, but I find the black Kongs to be almost impossible to destroy. Although by now, Juno probably isn’t eating your clothing.

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