Yep actually had one

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

a Perfect Moment.  A couple of weeks ago, before the crazies came looking for me – I was walking Juno on a beautiful sunny day and I was listening to my Ipod and the Talking Heads song, Once in a Lifetime, came on.

Juno was jumping and biting her leash and I was singing that song and enjoying the sun and the view of the water and the marina and the trees and for that moment - I was utterly and completely happy.  Just full of joy. In that moment, I wanted for nothing.  And for a girl who has been in want for most of her life, that's a beautiful thing.


4 thoughts on “Yep actually had one

  1. I love this song.

    I only disocvered it about a year ago and even went so far as to see David Byrne when he toured OZ earlier this year.

    It was still a great song.

    The feel in the song of the mighty water flowing through everything. It is joy. And its so hard to write into a song.

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