Nature gal

Okay, bear with me, I’m trying to keep it light here, my back started giving me trouble on Monday and by the time I went to go the chiro yesterday, my right hip flexor was tighter than a drum.  I went for a long walk and then tried to put on my pants.  AHHHHH!  Not good.  I could barely driveI  ‘m now only mildy uncomfortable.  So on with JuJu Fridays!

This is where we go walking when we have the time. Pacific Spirit Park/UBC Endowment Lands. On Tuesday, we walked about 8km.

Endowment lands

Endowment lands

We often walk through our neighbourhood as Juno is quite shy and we’re trying to get her used to people and groups of squealing schoolchildren, etc.  However, there is nothing more peaceful or meditative than walking through here.  I’m not a huge nature person, in truth, I more of a smart cocktail lounge type of gal, but when you got a dog, you gotta walk somewhere.

Juno exploring a muddy puddle

Juno exploring a muddy puddle

This dog is no longer content with 20 minute walks and she’s quite happy to be gone for 2 hours at a time.

snacking the local foliage

snacking the local foliage

You can tell by the size of her I’m not exactly starving the dog, but she still feels the need to eat whatever she can get her muzzle on.

always on guard

always on guard

I would like to get a decent picture but my digital camera has this nasty habit of delaying and focusing when you press the button and so it almost always misses the precise moment you want to capture.  But doesn’t she look lovely amongst the autumn leaves?  Awwww.  Her face kinda looks like a greyhound, but I’ve been told collie/golden retriever but who knows?


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