Making plans

** was supposed to post this on Saturday but was too busy**

My head is starting to hurt – that must mean I’m thinking again.  Or, it could mean that I drank too much last night.  I went out with a girlfriend who is getting divorced – unwillingly I might add, but she’s making progress –  and together with another (single) friend – we had a few cocktails.   We were an odd group, really.  There was MiniMartha (my friend), CareerGirl (her friend) and BoozyBuddhist (that’s me) talking about trying to move forward in our lives. MiniMartha is fragile, but determined to hang on to her dignity as she struggles to let go of a marriage she doesn’t really want to let go of.  They don’t have kids, they never wanted any.  She can’t imagine kissing another man after 16 years. Her husband told her one day that he wanted a divorce, that he was done, really done and moved out.  I know there’s two sides to the story  but I can relate to her on the level of one who never thought she’d be where she was.  CareerGirl is looking for love online and like a lot of single girls I know is having a hard time finding what they want.  And me BoozyBuddhist is moving forward to motherhood and the more she begins to compile her lists, the more excited/terrified she is.  ONE MORE DELICIOUS LEMON DROP MARTINI PLEASE AND KEEP ‘EM COMING! What an odd trio.  We did have a bit of fun though.  But unlike the girls in Sex and the City, we’re not getting any!

On the home front, we’re looking at flight dates and checking out accommodations and counting our pennies, trying to imagine what this is going to look like without well, knowing.  worrying if we’ll all be home by Christmas and parking and when should we go if we leave after she delivers, we’ll be hit with a huge airline bill, so we’ll just take our chances by going around due date time and waiting and omg what if she’s really late and we’re stuck there for Christmas and who will take care of Juno?  Little stuff like that.


5 thoughts on “Making plans

  1. You’ve got a lot to think about. Hope you’re hanging on to a peaceful place throughout all the crazy thinking time. Hugs.

  2. Wow – that is a lot to think about. Keep chanting and doing all the stuff you were before to stay calm. And have another one of the lemon drops!!

  3. Sounds like a great, mutually beneficial gathering of women …not to mention the lemon drop martini sounds fabulous. Good luck in your planning and be sure to document it all for us!

  4. Just something to think about (I know you don’t need more) but we got to our birth mother’s state a day before the due date and our son was born two weeks late. We spent a ton of money during those two weeks that we had to move out of the great house we were renting into a hotel once the baby finally arrived. Had to stay two more weeks after that for ICPC to clear. Not sure I would change anything given that we really got to know our birth mother during those two weeks and we do not have any contact now so we’ll at least be able to tell our son about that time, but it is something to consider. Best of luck with everything.

    • Oh, I know, we’re still talking about it. Should we wait til we get a call? but then pay double to get there last minute? She asked that we take the baby with us while we wait the 72 hours. We still have to get to a courthouse, get baby’s picture done for a passport so we can fly home, send immigration papers Fedex, etc. Unless we have a free place to stay, we’re out of luck.

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