JuJu Fridays

Okay, I am snuggling away this morning, listening to the rain pelting the window.  Arggh, I want to sleep a bit more but I have to pee.  I roll over and this is what I see.


Good morning, princess!

Yes, a dog on my 800 count thread pillowcases.  She didn’t even move when I took the picture.  Hubby was away in Whistler for 2 days on a business thing, so when I came home last night he was sleeping on the couch, then went to bed and this is who I woke up with.  Not a bad trade, I’d say!

Oh, and since WordPress won’t let me upload videos for free, I had to humiliate myself and post this on YouTube.  Happy JuJu Fridays!

Please note in the video, my house is not usually that messy.  Okay, it is, but the dog did it! Seriously go to Show and Tell.

7 thoughts on “JuJu Fridays

  1. Oh she is just too cute. Mine isn’t usually a cuddler (though he does have his moments) so I’d never wake up to find him on the bed with me. But sheesh, that pic makes me want to get a second dog that IS a cuddler!

    Love the video too! If I’m not paying attention and mine wants to play, I’ll look down after a while and I’ll be surrounded by bones and toys – on the floor, on my lap, on the couch next to me… too funny 🙂

    • Frankly, my husband’s farts smell worse than hers so she can stay. I have a picture of my husband and my old dog, Sampson in bed together, he actually put my nightscarf on his head and pulled the covers up on him and then when I came out of the bathroom, looked startled – “Oh, baby, I thought you were already in bed!”. Fucker.

  2. I broke down a few months ago and now let Miss Famous in the bed as well. I’d rather wake up next to her than just about anyone.

    Juju is, as always, adorable.

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