I’m drunk!

It’s been a fucking rollercoaster….and since it’s apparent that things change from minute to minute, let me just say that I have laid eyes on this wonderful boy. I only cried a teeny tiny bit.   However,and it’s been a big IF – we still have to get through 72 hours….. stay tuned.  And yes, it’s Thanksgiving weekend and Miss Social Worker has let me know that this is inconvenient for her and she has to drive an hour and back and we may have to WAIT TIL MONDAY?!!!!**!!! til the papers get signed but let me tell you, this is horrendous and I am drunk right now.  So please no congratulations, no bravo, nothing is a done deal yet.  Thank the heavens for little green pills, or are they blue, but does is really matter now, I’m in love with the green pills.  And Rosemount Shiraz.

We had dinner at a nearby hotel cause everthing is closed and guess who took over the dining room… and the lounge….   and the bar?  A family reunion!  Complete with a gaggle of children.  Yay!

Oh, yeah and we saw David Hasselhoff yesterday.  He was hungover I think.


10 thoughts on “I’m drunk!

  1. what a roller coaster this must be for you! wishing you well. if you want to chat or text or something to help keep you sane over the next 72 hours, let me know. we are thinking of you all.

  2. Oh dear… I hear you loud & clear. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s just emotions running high right now & you will have your dream come true.

    And WTF is with that damn SW? Sounds like she was cut from the same cloth as the lawyer we dealt with in OH (also over Thanksgiving). Don’t these women know that babies come when they are ready and not when it fits their social calendar? I hope she gains 10 lbs from eating too much freaking Turkey!!! God, I hope E isn’t feeling the SW’s disdain too. Yikes!

  3. Fingers & toes all crossed that you are on that plane home with your baby soon!

    May you drink as much wine as helps you get through this… and may that friggin’ social worker get the hangover, lol. Good Lord, isn’t social work supposed to be a HELPING profession??

  4. The Hoff was found passed out and the ambulance had to be called earlier today. If he went on a drinking binge over the holiday I think it just ended badly!

    Keep your chin up kiddo!

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