Big day tomorrow

We’ve spent the better part of today on the phone, lawyers, friends, hubby’s office, government offices(please hold – forever!)  – ohmigosh, it’s exhausting.  Then off in search of more formula, a debate over prices in strollers.  Please note, my Canadian friends, it is illegal to use an American infant seat in Canada, if you are a resident of Canada. Not that it prevents people from doing it but there you have it.   But if we bought a stroller here and the matching car seat at home, it would still end up being the same price as buying the travel set in Canada.  In any case, we have enough stuff to lug back home, so hubby will have to leave the Jeep trail stroller behind.  You guys have it good here on the major items, the prices are at least 30% lower.

Tomorrow morning is court day.  And then after that, we go to the secretary of state’s office, then passport office.  How they intend on making this kid open his eyes when the camera goes off, I have no idea.  There better be a nipple on the end of the camera lens.

Hubby threw up today – he’s not sick.  He’s nervous.  Like before a big game.  I gave him an Ativan.  Frankly, I never expected him to take it, but he did.  I haven’t needed one since we received news the papers had been signed.  I haven’t seen him this raw since the day we married.  His heart is wide open for this child.   I have never seen him like this and I don’t think I expected this reaction for a child that was not of his own blood.  I don’t think he expected it either.  He said that this child didn’t ask to be born and to be taken by us, that we owed him the best that we could offer him.  Yes, we do.


11 thoughts on “Big day tomorrow

  1. The amount of emotions that come along with a new child are wonderfully weird! No matter how the stork bring them.
    I am so happy for you guys.
    Juno is going to be SO excited!

  2. that opening is the most beautiful thing to see in a partner. and yes, that responsibility is truly awe-some and humbling in a perfectly magnificent way.

    wishing you all well on your big day tomorrow. hope there’s a nipple on that lens!

  3. Awww..I think I love your husband 🙂

    You will have so many amazing days ahead. One morning soon, you will look into that little boys eyes and it will hit you that you are his mother. Forever.

    I have been smiling for you so much my damn cheeks hurt–haha.

  4. Someday when your son is old enough I hope you let him read your posts during and of these days. What a priceless treasure…I know you must be looking forward to carrying him into your home for the first time. In a weird way I love that your husband threw up from nerves! You’ve been carrying the brunt of the emotional burden for so long…Poor guy must be wound up tight as a fiddle and it just had to come out!

  5. It’s very surreal to see the effect of suddenly becoming a daddy on a man’s face. I found it almost as comforting to watch as the baby itself.

    Congrats again – I can hardly wait until you guys are home.

  6. You have put a lot of energy into this journey. I’m not surprised either that it’s pretty raw for him right now.

    So, so happy for you.

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