Recalls, returns, rebuffs

How did we ever grow up?  We slept in our parents’  bed or 3 floors away in a drawer, or an antique crib or whatever deathtrap that was on sale.  Our parents didn’t have diaper wipe warmers, sterilizers or bouncers, yet somehow we made it.

Special K sleeps in a Amby baby hammock – well, as of yesterday, it’s a baby deathtrap.  The emails come pouring in.  In the US, you can order a repair kit, but in Canada, they want the things disposed of.  What the F***?!  Our friend used it for his two sons with no incident.  When I took a look at it, I suggested we use the bumper cushions it came with to keep the baby from rolling and also rolled up receiving blankets just to make sure.  I check on him constantly and he seems blissfully content.  When we were out of town, I used a swaddler as a last resort to calm him down so he could sleep in the portable bed we had placed in the hotel crib(more caution labels there).  The hammock mimics that swaddle effect which is why he settles down and rests so well.  Yet now I am paranoid.  Time for a bassinet?

Had we bought a crib, chances are it would have been a Storkcraft crib that had a massive recall 3 weeks ago.  Now I know somehow who is still using theirs and she insists that if people actually put it together properly there isn’t a problem.  This is so frustrating.

I bought a sterilizer for the Born Free bottles that we use.  Seems you have to wash all bottles and parts BEFORE you sterilize them and then you have to wait til they dry.  And after the sterilization process, there are tons of water droplets inside the nipples and bottles.   Before, we were sterilizing them in boiling water for 3 minutes and then using a drying rack.  Guess which process results in drier bottles in the fastest amount of time?  Yep.  So back to the store it goes.

We bought a bouncer for my friend who, of course, had already purchased some hip, modern chair.  She’s very hard to buy for because the  minute you think of getting something for her, she already has it.  So I decided to keep it, and hubby tried to put it together.  Sigh.  A part was broken, so now I have to return it.  I have no idea where I’ll find the time…..

We have some very generous friends who have given us lots of stuff, but the problem is that now we have stuff we don’t have room for or even particularly want.  I’m the type of person who will take whatever someone gives me because it seems to give them so much pleasure even if I don’t ask for it.   I’ll just cram it in a closet.   DH can’t stand being given stuff he didn’t ask for.  Of course, this has happened with a friend who just can’t take no for an answer.  She really goes out of her way to give you things with the intention of helping, but can’t read the subtle hint that you really don’t want it.  Cause she has kids and is the expert.  We’re just the devil may care, jet setters who party all the time and don’t know what we’re in for.  And it’s not just that her offerings aren’t nice, they’re just not particularly needed at the moment.   I’m a natural collector of stuff I don’t use but might some day and hubby is a hater of all things extraneous.  So, at some point, I’m going to have to start giving things back.  Oi, already feelings have been hurt.

Most people have heeded my request to give us some time to get our act together before visiting.  Of course, food is always welcome and appreciated.  More stuff, not so much.


9 thoughts on “Recalls, returns, rebuffs

  1. it is amazing all the stuff you get — some of it you want, some not so much. it’s a complete racket, all the stuff you don’t need but think will make your life easier. some is more hassle than it’s worth.

    you can always thank people but tell them you are out of room, or have one of those, or can’t really use that but thanks anyway and what you really need is X. but people do as they do.

    hope you get some nice meals at least. those are awesome!

  2. I have to tell you a funny story about sterilizing bottles.

    Being that they sent us home with a baby that didn’t include a users manual I was basically LOST.

    I turned to our kind family doctor for advice, since he was a doctor and also had children that seemed to be growing up without too much trauma.

    When I asked him how long I needed to boil the babys bottles to make SURE they were sterile……

    he laughed a hearty laugh and told me the same length of time that I would boil MY nipples if I was breast-feeding.

    He kind of put my anxiety into perspective 🙂

    Special K will be absolutely fine no matter what crib you use or how long you wash his bottles.

    The most important thing he needs is love, and you have that handled.

  3. Love OHN’s story about boiled nipples. 🙂

    Swaddlers are great. I swear they got my son sleeping through the night at a very early stage. I can imagine a sleeping hammock would have the same helpful effect.

    As for stuff … watch out. With kids, it sneaks up on you. You are very wise to be onto it so early. You always need less stuff than you think. MUCH less. Including (especially!) toys when they get to that stage (you know there is that thing called an imagination that takes up no room whatsoEVAH).

    If you can, turn over the things that are outgrown ASAP (unless you think you might use them again … and even then think twice … three times). It’s so easy to become over-run. If I knew then what I know now ….


  4. I should add that my in laws think I’m a total bitch who wants to cancel Christmas because I tell them point blank when they want to talk about “What To Buy The Kids For Christmas” … I say, “NOTHING.” But we need another box of Craptastic like we need a hole in our heads. And MIL has a shopping addiction. Can you say, “College Fund” or “Recreation Fund”? “Consumable Gifts”? “Real Love?” 😉

  5. Aw yes, first baby syndrome. Strictly by the book. Everything is new and sterile.
    If you are ever blessed with another child, you’ll understand what I mean.
    I remember when my SIL had had her first one. I was on my second. We were at a hotel and she was getting a crib. She was worrying about how she was gonna bathe the baby. All these worries. She asked why I was so calm. I told her, “see this big rubbermade container I have her clothes in?” I dumped it(the babies clothes) on the bed and said, “multi-purpose baby tub!” Bathtub, suitcase, and bed.

    It’s a wonder how my 3 ever survived. Not one has ever had a stitch, broken bone, or a hospital emergency room visit. I’m not sure if they’re the lucky ones or I am!

    You’ll do GREAT! Just love him!

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