Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas to one and all from the happiest Buddhist in town!  Nothing says Christmas like getting your period, a miserable cold and a baby that doesn’t want to sleep at 3:30 am… but it’s Christmas and time for kind deeds – my MIL came to my rescue at 3:30 and took over so I could rest.  And she’s promised wee a.m. duty tonight as well! I am so fortunate!  The sun is shining!

A prayer for those who are no longer with us, the very young and the very old, the dreams and the hopes that didn’t come to fruition this year.   Winter never fails to turn to spring.  Nam myo ho renge kyo!


5 thoughts on “Ho! Ho! Ho!

  1. Hello to the new Mom. It’s nice to hear such unequivocal happiness and for such a perfect reason. He looks very sweet, especially with your dog.

    I have nothing to drop at your house and you don’t need my advice; it sounds like you have plenty of both. I will just recount what a friend does with the unwanted extras. Everytime someone gives her anything they have finished with, she says “Thank you for thinking of us…if I can’t use it for some reason, do you want it back or can I pass it on to another family who needs it?” Most people say pass it on, which makes it so easy. It goes right to the charity shop or a note goes up at the local toddler group.

    Enjoy your new life. Happy New Year.

    Lisa (Your Great Life – ICLW #51)

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