Perfect moments

Yesterday, DH was playing music and gazing down at Special K in his arms, singing along to a Bon Jovi song.

I’d hold you
I’d need you
I’d get down on my knees for you
And make everything alright
If you were in these arms
I’d love you
I’d please you
I’d tell you that I’ll never leave you
And love you ’till the end of time
If you were in these arms tonight

He looked up and he had tears running down his face.

Can’t think of a more perfect moment than that.  Oh, wait, yes, I can.

He unloaded the dishwasher today.


9 thoughts on “Perfect moments

  1. One of my friends said you really know you’re a parent when every love song you hear is about your baby and not your lover. So sweet that your man is so tenderhearted. And unloads the dishwasher. Ha!

  2. Does that mean if I become a mother again, I still have a shot at my husband unloading the dishwasher????? It didn’t work the first 3 times 🙂

    (Sounds like DaddyK is already wrapped around the little guys finger 🙂

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