Postscript from a packrat

So of course, when I go  back in the office, DH has moved most of my papers (bills, important papers, things I gotta do) off the desk and into a cubby hole, but I say nothing, just remind myself that I have a lot of filing to do.  5 minutes later, he asks me if I saw a plain white envelope – apparently it contained his paycheque! In his cleaning frenzy, he misplaced it so he quietly (sheepishly) had to look sort through a large bag of mostly shredded paper and envelopes looking for it.  Once I put the baby down to sleep, I started going through my brutally pushed aside pile of papers.  Guess what I found.  Yep, his paycheque.  You’re welcome….. ass.


6 thoughts on “Postscript from a packrat

  1. You really missed the boat here sweetie. I would have cashed the check, scheduled a massage, mani-pedi, and had a steak for lunch.

    Okay, I probably wouldn’t but the temptation would have been HUGE.

    Did you at least tell him he is lucky he didn’t have to pick it out of a certain area once you shoved it there?? 🙂

  2. I may have piles of stuff lying around… but they are ORGANIZED piles. I can generally lay my hand on whatever I need in minutes. Unlike dh, who has lived in the same house with me for 20 years & still doesn’t know where we store the extra garbage bags. SIGH.

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