JuJu Fridays

sleeping mornings

Whose post is this anyways?

And now that I’ve unloaded some post adoption angst…..let’s get back to talking about my wonderful dog.  She’s had some issues of her own lately.  DH was all hellbent on trying to convince me that her paw chewing behaviour was due to all the attention on CB (chocolate button) but I kept telling him it was more likely her food.  She gets more walks than any other dog I know.  During the Christmas holidays, she was doing at least 5 k a day around the park.  A trip to the vet confirmed what my instincts were telling me all along…. her eye discharge, ear gunk, itchiness… was due to food allergies.  $83 later, DH and I had a new schedule for giving pills, eye drops and ear drops.  Had I not been wearing my halo I would have told DH I told you so at the top of my lungs.  But I was, darn it.

So back to the food that was working for her even though she crapped a lot.  Oh, she is a delicate flower, isn’t she? She’s doing well, walking beside the stroller while leashed around my waist.  At 68 lbs now, my back may give out if she finds a squirrel more interesting than me.

More Show and Tell moment with Mel at Stirrup Queens here.

5 thoughts on “JuJu Fridays

  1. Love the photo of both of your babies sleeping 🙂

    We had a cocker spaniel with allergies. We could have put the kids through college for what we spent on vet bills.

  2. I also love the shot of them sleeping together. So glad that the transition has been good for Juju, and I hope she feels better soon. 🙂

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