Archive | January 25, 2010

A nice break

Well,  the clear skies are over for now, the temperature has dropped and the rain has started again – good news for the Olympics, crap news for me.  I enjoyed not being rained on all week.  Had a nice weekend, though.  My MIL came over for the weekend for her birthday – no, unfortunately, no wee hour respite for me, but it was her birthday after all, I forgive her.  The guest bedroom is now the nursery, so the poor woman had to sleep on an uncomfortable airbed in the office.  She enjoyed a pedicure at a local spa and I indulged in a hot stone massage.  Yay!  OMG, it was lovely!  Thanks to my lovely son who gifted me with a gift certificate for Christmas (thanks dad), I enjoyed hot basalt stones massaging my achy shoulders.  I fantasized about going home and slipping into a coma for a week.  I had other plans though.   I left MIL with hubby and son while BFF and I went to a hockey game.  Okay, so we gabbed through it and had a couple of drinks, but the Canucks won, so we were happy!

I’m so glad to see the smile on my MIL’s face when she’s with my son – he just cooed and babbled away with her.  It was really nice – you know, it’s one thing when you realize your dream of having your own kid is over and while you’re boohooing that you can’t pass on your bad eyesight and sinus issues,  you might forget that other people’s lives were affected as well.  Well, thanks to the miracle of adoption and a selfless young woman, life is pretty sweet.  All bitching aside about the social workers,  bills and the stress, its times when I see my mum and my MIL smile and my hubby get all thrilled that he was smiled at by an infant, then it makes it all worth while.

And if I can have a couple of drinks at a great hockey game with my gal pal knowing my child is well loved and cared for… hell, that’s joy.