A nice break

Well,  the clear skies are over for now, the temperature has dropped and the rain has started again – good news for the Olympics, crap news for me.  I enjoyed not being rained on all week.  Had a nice weekend, though.  My MIL came over for the weekend for her birthday – no, unfortunately, no wee hour respite for me, but it was her birthday after all, I forgive her.  The guest bedroom is now the nursery, so the poor woman had to sleep on an uncomfortable airbed in the office.  She enjoyed a pedicure at a local spa and I indulged in a hot stone massage.  Yay!  OMG, it was lovely!  Thanks to my lovely son who gifted me with a gift certificate for Christmas (thanks dad), I enjoyed hot basalt stones massaging my achy shoulders.  I fantasized about going home and slipping into a coma for a week.  I had other plans though.   I left MIL with hubby and son while BFF and I went to a hockey game.  Okay, so we gabbed through it and had a couple of drinks, but the Canucks won, so we were happy!

I’m so glad to see the smile on my MIL’s face when she’s with my son – he just cooed and babbled away with her.  It was really nice – you know, it’s one thing when you realize your dream of having your own kid is over and while you’re boohooing that you can’t pass on your bad eyesight and sinus issues,  you might forget that other people’s lives were affected as well.  Well, thanks to the miracle of adoption and a selfless young woman, life is pretty sweet.  All bitching aside about the social workers,  bills and the stress, its times when I see my mum and my MIL smile and my hubby get all thrilled that he was smiled at by an infant, then it makes it all worth while.

And if I can have a couple of drinks at a great hockey game with my gal pal knowing my child is well loved and cared for… hell, that’s joy.

10 thoughts on “A nice break

  1. So it’s true that the “pains of labor” are soon forgotten…
    I am so very happy for you and feel so fortunate to have been able to witness your journey from afar.

    • Yep, but you know, even if I had the money, I wouldn’t go through this again. I’d pretty much have to open up the door and find an abandoned baby with all the approved paperwork attached.

  2. As an adopted child, I love love love when I hear such love from an adoptive parent. So often (and hardly discussed) people ‘settle’ for adoption and in the process the child ends up feeling that.

    I am forever blessed to have a mother who reminded me often how special and loved I was and to this day, the excitement she expresses when she hears my voice makes me smile.

    Thank you for sharing the positive sides of adoption as well as the bad. 🙂


  3. oooooooo….hot stone massage. When I have the extra bucks to treat myself, that’s my solution.

    I think that if all countries leaders were to gather in a room while having a hot stone…there would be no wars.

  4. Hot Stone Massage sounds wonderful. What a nice break! Oh, and I’m not too fond of B-R-U either, unfortunately they are the one-stop-shop. Wish Tar-get had a better selection.

  5. Oof, I think I’d give my left arm for that massage right about now… and glad you had fun at the hockey game.
    It’s wonderful that your MIL is so good with the baby… should we chose to adopt, I can only hope our families are nearly as accepting…


  6. I have truly delighted in watching our families enjoy our sweet baby boy, who joined our family through open adoption. I wondered, especially with my in-laws, if there would be any “he’s not really one of us” attitudes, but nope–my MIL especially is obsessed with him and treats him more like one of the family than she does me, which I think is sweet enough in its own weird way that it hardly even bothers me 😉

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