Archive | January 28, 2010

Need more wine

Good grief  – some days it takes me days to finish a post or read through and comment on blogs.  I think I did okay on ICLW, but by no means did I make Iron Commenter.  OMG, tough work!

I have two kids now, I realize and look at more poop that I care to admit.  Juno is fine – she’s eating and pooping like normal.  No hat came out, but I did find a LA dodgers hat on my walk.  Not a popular item in this town.

Hubby is going out of town on business in 2 weeks, so I’m trying to make appts before he goes away.  Got a mammogram next week, one day of work and Special K’s’ vaccinations all scheduled.  We’re also trying to visit people, or have people visit me and still have to get a new laptop for me and a rocking chair.

When hubby goes away, I’m going to get a dog walker or something, I just can’t walk the dog 2 hrs a day, deal with Special K, mum, etc on my own.  Screw it.  And now that we’re living on a cash budget, I’m not supposed to hire dog or housekeeping help, but you know what?  I am going to.  The child is not sleeping through the night yet and I am not superwoman. So there!