Creature comforts

Good things comes in threes I hear.  After 150 years, we finally got a new bed.  Oh, yes, my friends, one of those newfangled pillowtop beds that the good hotel chains have. We had our eye on the more modest version, but the salesman knew an exhausted middle aged couple with baby in tow when he sees one and demanded we lay on the luxe version.  It was still out of our budget we had set but once we fell into the heavenly cloud with back support, we were done.  It was still 40%off  but a headboard/frame will have to wait.  Who cares?  We eagerly awaited it’s arrival while cursing its predecessor.  The first night, the Precious must have sensed something was up and had me up almost the minute I lay down.  The dog spent more time in the bed than I did that night.  But by the weekend, DH took over the am shifts and I finally got to enjoy full body support while I slept like well…. a baby.   I tell you it’s odd after years of being uncomfortable, it’s amazing to just get into bed and get sucked into sleep because you don’t toss and turn trying not to roll into the dip.

Then I got a new laptop this week.  After much debate (hubby kept researching different brands) I finally got a new Toshiba,  a 13 ” smaller one, and I’ve been trying to get used to it.  I hate change.  I loved the old one – even though it was heavier, the battery barely lasted an hour, and the letters were worn off the keyboard, one of the arrow keys had fallen off and it loaded very slowly.  My fingers knew their way around and since I type for a living these days, that’s kinda important.

The L510 has added an extra key between the shift key and the zed key for some stupid reason and also a backslash key on the right hand side so now I have to stretch my pinky over to hit the enter key on the right  or the shift key on the left.  Stupid.  Why didn’t I notice this in the store?  It is smaller and lighter which is good, but I was used to the big 15 inch screen.  Now that my eyesight has hit the skids, I have to increase text size and the bloody mouse pad indicator keeps zooming in and out of it.  I’m going to have to spend a lot of time on it (how terrible) cause I’m going to work on Wednesday and since I type for a living speed and accuracy is an issue.  I can’t believe I just wrote that, I type for a living.  Ewww.  No offense to those who do.  My mother made me take touch typing in high school and it has saved my ass for years while I did office work in between acting jobs.  But now, it’s just… well, dull.  I sit in darkness for hours and type while people talk and try not to fall asleep.  I rarely interact with clients and the moderators are notoriously fickle.   I love doing a good job and I love making good money for something that is a great  deal easier than standing on my feet all day.  Most of the time I am appreciated for it but lately, it’s a little depressing.  Before I always felt I was working towards paying for our adoption and now I’d like to leave it behind.  Maybe I need a longer break.   I need a plan, I think.  Mmmmm.

Okay, so now where’s the third blessing?  Could it be a new hairdo?  Big cheque coming in the mail?  A new creative project?  I can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “Creature comforts

  1. Ooo I’m jealous of your new mattress. In seven short years my bed has the well worn sag in the spot where I sleep the most. I even have leg spots in the mattress (how horrible is that?)
    Congrats on the new computer. And again, I totally understand the reluctance to change. I typed on a keyboard that there were missing keys (in the spots where I didn’t actually use them of course) and the letters were wiped off and I’d almost killed it a few times by spilling water on it, but it took an act of divine power (and a new imac) in order to get me to let the keyboard go. I think it’s still in my closet to be honest.

  2. We got a new bed a few months back. Oddly, I (kind of) miss the sag that rolled BigD and I to the middle. 🙂

    I have a really hard time changing computers too!! Even when I replace my keyboard, I feel like I am lost for such a long time. The key sensitivity, placement etc…all changes that an old biddy like me has trouble with!! As for the typing for a living…I have been doing it for many years from home, which is precisely why I accepted an office position two mornings a week. It is nice to see humans. While the two dogs and cat are wonderful, our conversations are mostly one sided. (Tho’ they are usually very good about listening without talking back–so that is a plus.)

    I can’t wait for your third goodie.

  3. Nothing like a quality mattress. : ) Ours is getting old, but it’s still pretty good.

    We didn’t have a headboard (or a proper bedroom suite) until we’d been married 7 years & in our house for two. We got a lot of teasing from dh’s brother & cousins about that, but (a) we couldn’t afford it when we first got married — the mattress & boxspring alone cost a fortune — & (b) I’m picky. : )

    Enjoy all your new things!

  4. Also jealous of your new mattress.

    I totally hear you about the keyboard. I am very picky about those things, and I don’t even type for a living.

    Looking forward to hearing about #3!

  5. I can’t type worth crap and I hate it! I took typing in the 8th grade. My teacher told me if I would transfer out she would give me a C instead of a F….she just LOVED me!

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