SW Visit #1

Good news is that we finally had our first (of 3 ) social worker post placement visits.  We had to arrange an early morning appointment because hubby had to go to work and that was the only available time last week.  Yes, I filled out the 6 page questionnaire.  Check.  Printed out a family pic on our printer.  Check.  Got up 30 minutes before she arrived.  Check.  Don’t ask me how we both showered, dressed, vacuumed and got the baby ready.

It went well, DH looked appropriately besotted with him and showed off Special K’s attempts to stand up in his lap.  She asked about his feeding, sleeping habits, how we were coping.  We commented that being closer to the grave than most young’uns gave us more patience and maturity with adjusting to a newborn’s demands. Well, something that sounded like that.  I don’t think that statement is entirely accurate, but it sounded good.  You know, having a puppy was actually more difficult in a way.  At least the kid doesn’t crap and pee all over my wool rugs and chew up my Lululemon.  Though Special K did spit up on my cashmere.  I shall have to remember to give him the drycleaning bill when he’s 18.

There was a question on the survey regarding the extended family’s reaction.  I put down that he was loved and adored by all.  I wasn’t kidding.  Later that day we received a gift from my husband’s cousin’s IN-LAWS addressed to Special K.

We are so fortunate.


6 thoughts on “SW Visit #1

  1. I love that you’re getting presents from the fringes of your family – happened to us too and it just amazes me and humbles me that people are so welcoming to a baby they may not even meet for years in some cases. And so glad all went well with the sw- you’re almost done!!!

  2. At his christening, our younger nephew once threw up on my brand-new black suede skirt that I’d bought as a reward to myself for losing 30 lbs. I’ve forgiven him. : )

    I’ll bet your family thinks they are fortunate too. : )

  3. Special K is a blessing (and I don’t toss that term around loosely, believe me) to so many around you. It is obvious, even to those of us that never actually met you, that you have blossomed since you became a mom.

    Also…don’t sweat the surprise SW visit (I think they probably do that up there too)….our house was a WRECK, I smelled like someone who hadn’t bathed in 2 days, and had baby puke in my hair. As I was apologizing and telling the SW that I usually wasn’t this messy..blah, blah….all lies by the way…she laughed and said I look like a mom, and a happy one at that.

    I have a long story to share about my inlaws and their reaction to us adopting. So as not to hijack YOUR blog, I will just say early on the comment was made to us “but, you don’t know WHAT you are going to get”, I was pissed for months…….after our son came, at about 5 months old, my FIL smiled while holding him, and said “this guy, there is something special about him”. The man had 5 other grandkids before our son.

    Babies do things to people…frequently good things 🙂

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