Bits and bites

I survived.

I’d have to say that by Friday, I was a little worn.  I don’t know how single mothers do it.  At one point, I was trying to feed him, burp him, write a Valentine’s Day card from Special K to my friend’s little girl, feed the dog, and get ready to leave so I could catch the opening ceremonies – meaning I was in a rush –  cause we had just come back from taking the dog on a hurried walk (and yes, I did arrange for dog walks twice that week – HALLELUJAH HAPPY TIRED DOG), and he started cutting up cause I plunked him down on the couch.  Then I realized I hadn’t showered all day and my face had that sweaty, greasy PMS look to it and of course, I was hungry.  I took a long pause, closed my eyes and took a quick shower, resolving myself to the fact that I would have endure the crying cause he was tired and cranky.  I was,too. We had been up early to watch the Olympic torch relay at English Bay.  He slept through it all, but it was a really cool thing to see.  We got our picture taken so I have something to show to him later.

But I wasn’t going to stay home alone.  By the time I bundled him up to go out, he was peaceful.  He seems to enjoy going for walks.  My friend will be hosting out of town guests all month long so she’s a bit busy herself.  We finally made it and Special K got to hang out with their friends.  I think they got the baby fever, you could see it in their eyes.  Ah, new love.  So sweet, so naive.

The opening ceremonies were beautiful!  And it was sad, too, when there was a moment of silence for Nodar Kumaritashvili. Quite horrified that the news showed the video of his death – we were stunned.  I sobbed and hugged my son.

DH arrived safely later that night, exhausted.  Not looking forward to when he goes away again  but at least, I now know what to expect.

First, I’m calling the dog walkers again, 2nd, I’m NOT doing as much housework/laundry, 3rd I’m not even going to try and eat meals – think more like cheese and crackers or smoothies and most importantly, I’m going to have company over or go out for at least one lunch with a friend.


A friend generously offered to babysit for Valentine’s so we went OUT ALONE FOR DINNER – TOGETHER!  Yay!  We went to a favourite Italian restaurant – that oh so many years ago, we waited excitedly through a two week wait – on two occasions(!).  We’ve come full circle. It was nice.  Really nice.  I didn’t even call home.  When we got home, I checked in on him and he woke up so I got to put him to bed.  Undoubtedly one of my favourite things to do with him.  Changed him into his jammies, swaddled him (arms barely tucked), rocked him and sang him an African lullaby(sort of)  and he drifted off.  Life is good!


Guess who’s meeting Anacyclopedia tomorrow!  Me!  With our sons!  How cool is that?! Whee!


The dog is still having issues with her bowels.  She acts fine and eats normally but there’s still a bit of blood.  The vet advises Pepto Bismol – I swear to god if that old man is wrong, I’m going to wring his neck.


3 thoughts on “Bits and bites

  1. Woot! I’m so excited!

    And yes, the single parenting is damn hard. Manny has been away some and working lots lately and I am tired, tired, tired. I have so much respect for full time single parents….

  2. doing laundry and cleaning house is WAY overrated. don’t know how single parents do it. your olympic viewing sounds pretty amazing too.

    how wonderful you get to meet anna tomorrow! awesome.

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