ICLW time y’all.

Welcome ICLWers.  Check out my street cred for my background details.   Domestic adoption (intercountry actually) and now have only 2 more post placement visits to make it official.  We have an semi-open adoption. I’m pretty much learning as I go along.  I have been humbled beyond imagining throughout this journey.

And now back to my regular scheduled life.  Spent the weekend (well, just a day and a half really) with the in-laws.  Came home early to watch the hockey game.  MIL was delighted to show off Baby K to the whole neighbourhood.  He did pretty well sleeping in an unfamiliar place but had us up at 4am.  Not a heap of fun on a blowup bed, but we managed.  It was nice to see him adored by grandparents.  I did manage to get to a mall which these days is an outing for me.  Easy to navigate  with a stroller.  Whee!  Yep, the kid got some nice stuff from grandma – he’s growing like a weed – and I bought cheap costume jewellery and headbands!  Yeah, no time for the browsing or trying things on.  We couldn’t stay very long as MIL had to get back and make supper.  Ah, women’s work is never done.  The guys – they walked the dogs and had beer. Rough.  Gorgeous weather these past few days.  Not so great for the Olympic skiers but I’m happy.  It’s February, folks, and I’ve seen people in flip flops.  The cherry blossoms are blooming and the crocuses are blooming.  Okay, Im bragging. Forgive me.

When we were on our way home, DH commented that we hadn’t seen or done much in terms of all the Olympics activity.  We agreed it was just a tad difficult with a 3 month old.  I spend the whole day managing his food, sleep, diaper and entertainment detail.  For the dog, too.  That’s it.  Not complaining, but the little bugger runs a tight ship, so if I get off track waiting in line to see this or that or hang out in the streets, my little monkey will remind me he doesn’t give a frig about who won the gold, but who’s got the milk.  And if he gets overtired or overstimulated, he’ll make us pay.  I’ve had plenty of years to party and yahoo in the streets.  I managed to get a little pair of red Olympic mittens for him; I’ll put them aside as a souvenir. Let’s face it, I got the real gold.


8 thoughts on “ICLW time y’all.

  1. You certainly did get the gold (and that’s a great way to look at it!). As for the cherry blossoms, they’ve bloomed here as well, but for us that is pretty standard. Not feeling much like winter these days.

    Congrats on the adoption!

  2. The weather here in Vancouver, Wa has been just as gorgeous. Today is the first time it has not been sunny in a while. I love that. I’ve been hangin at the dog park lately wishing I had a little something in a stroller to push around too!

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