Single mum time

DH is away for a few days on business and I’m on my own again.  I was pretty pissed as this was a last minute trip, but decided I should get over it.  After all, he’s working as hard as he can so I don’t have to go back to work at all.  I tried out the Moby wrap with him while doing laundry.  Uh, awkward.  I swear the Precious knows the score cause he cuts up ever single time hubby is not around to witness it.  Luckily, I got to spend a little time with my friend and her Dutch pals.  I actually managed to do 2 loads of laundry and pick up dog food and then go to the mall to meet them.  It was nice getting out for a bit.  My Dutch friends don’t have kids (happily) so I have to pretend I don’t care when they go out to the Holland Heineken house to party.  BFF and I were going to go to a hockey game tomorrow morning but we rethought the whole idea.  It would involve lugging the babies in infant carriers to the stadium on foot, stuffing wax in their ears to withstand air horns and such, lug  diaper bags and formula and  how the hell do we go to the can?…. yeah, gotta walk the dog before 10 am and feed the baby, shower, and …. doesn’t sound much like fun, does it?   Nah, I didn’t think so either, though I really did want to see SOMETHING, but we’re without last minute babysitters, so we nixed the outing.  My back is killing me, and I better make a trip to the chiro pretty darn soon. Crabby me. My whole superwoman/mummy image is going to hell in  a handbasket.  Can you imagine what I’d do if my kid actually cried all day?  I’d kill myself.  Special K is actually an awesome little dude, he just wants milk, a clean diaper, timely naps and face time with me.  Not so bad.  Me?  I just want him to comply with my schedule and let me eat or pee.   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Trying also to get my hair braided this weekend. I don’t even have the hair yet and I have to travel 45 minutes to get it.  And I have to go to my hairdresser’s house.  She has a 3 year old.  What are the chances she’ll start and finish on time?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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