Fug it

I’m annoyed that Oprah has red Olympic mittens and I don’t.

Yeah, I know, they were available for months before the Olympics but I was a little occupied with something called adoption.  So I have been looking for some good Olympic clothing, but alas, the store shelves have been picked clean of the good stuff.  All they have left is kid stuff and ugly stuff.

Also went looking for curly hair for braiding and was told that a certain place (miles away from here) was having a sale.  Got there, put the Precious in the Baby Bjorn to go down to the stairs to the basement store and guess what – yep, picked clean.  Too late again.

So what’s a girl to do with a giant shopping mall across the street – yep, I went into the bowels of the biggest shopping centre this side of the Rockies.  Nope, nothing for me.  Just some ready to go formula and a couple of onesies for the wee man.  Oh, times have changed.  Once upon a time, I would have been in there for hours, browsing and trying on clothes for myself, or perusing the clearance racks at the home decor stores.  No, no more time for that.  I had a certain ease to my day, though, I just let myself off the hook for all the things I would normally feel I should be doing.  Too damn tired to care.  Well, I did do more laundry, but other than than, nada.  The reward was a no stress day.  Even the Precious, once he was perched in his bouncer beside me on the couch, let me eat in peace.  The dog let me off with one decent walk and a couple of quick trips outside.  Tomorrow, she gets picked up for another adventure walk and hubby returns at some point.

I’m going to celebrate by washing my hair and going to the chiropractor.  Good times, good times.


6 thoughts on “Fug it

  1. By the way…Congratulations on Canada winning the gold in the hockey game just a few mintues ago! It’s just not right that you don’t have those red mittens.

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