Thanks Olympics

Dear Olympics:

Thank you for injecting a lot of fun in this city!  Sadly, I did not get to participate in any of the public events (I really wanted to zipline but the 6 hr wait was a bit much), but I did get to see the smiles on people’s faces when I walked down the street. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and I have NEVER seen so many Canadian flags or Canadian colours!  On faces, in windows, on cars, in people’s hands – not even on Canada Day!

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremonies.  The closing ceremonies weren’t too bad either….though if you’re going to poke fun at Canadians, though it would have been even funnier if there were giant floating bottles of Molson Canadian beer to go along with the beavers frolicking.

Thank you athletes for all your efforts and thank you Canadian athletes in particular for all your medals.  A shout out to Shelly Ann Brown(silver) and Neville Wright (bronze) who showed little black kids that they too can bobsleigh if they want to.  Hahahaha.

Thank you Team Canada in hockey for taking the gold – cause let’s face it, if we didn’t win that, the city would have burned.

And I got my hair done while the Precious was with daddy watching the game on TV!


4 thoughts on “Thanks Olympics

  1. Wish I could have been there. It looked like so much fun. I can’t remember the Montreal or Calgary Olympics being anything quite like this.

    Shelley Ann Brown is from my town!! 🙂 She was all over the local paper. There was a black couple skating pairs for France that wound up in about 7th. I’ve seen black singles skaters before but that was the first pair in my memory. I really enjoyed watching them. She was born in Barbados but grew up in Scarborough. Lived in England for awhile & is now skating for France. Can’t remember the name at the moment, though?

    Wasn’t sure whether to roll on the floor laughing or be horrified at the parade of stereotypes at the closing. My girlfriend says they should have included Tim Hortons cups, with rolled up rims, lol.

  2. I agree – never have I experienced that type of atmosphere here in Canada. It was eye opening for me and I’m even more proud to be Canadian than I was before….
    …. and mostly, I’m glad the city didn’t burn because we both know, it had the potential!

    Yay – you got your hair done!!

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