How to make your wife happy

I didn’t get the gig, so I’m bummed.  And relieved.  More bummed than relieved.   Cause that means more typing.  But that’s good cause that’s how I can pay for my cleaning lady.  Relieved cause I didn’t have to cancel the job or worry about if I had to work 12 hour days.  Bummed cause I would have loved to work those 12 hour days on set.

Wow, I can’t believe something as simple as a clean house makes me so happy…. well, it’s because I didn’t have to do it.  That’s the part that makes me happy.  For the first time since childhood, the bathrooms are clean and I didn’t have to do it.  She was here 3 hours, poor woman, and she didn’t even really finish.  I told the cleaning woman to skip the office (I was in it trying to get stuff done while the baby napped).
Luckily, Juno was off on her adventure hike, she might not have tolerated her canister vacuum.  As it was she arrived home before she left and had a stare down with it in the hallway.

Apparently, I haven’t dusted in a while.   I also noticed that we have a lot of extraneous bits of paper and this and that everywhere.  You know what that means, I have to start throwing things out and organizing the random phone numbers and spare parts.  She wants to regrout the 2nd bathroom.  That’s how bad it was.  I think it’s a good idea to have her in for a thorough clean every now and again though.  It’s amazing how much stress was taken off my shoulders.  I could actually spend time with the kid and not feel like I had to be rushing around trying to get everything done before hubby came home.  As it was I was doing laundry for 2 solid days.  I had been up til late the night before transcribing notes, so I was pretty tired.  Hubby was pretty tired himself when he came home, but he was on baby duty for a few hours while I cooked dinner and continued working.  Welcome to my world, honey. Ah, sweet.

I highly recommend the occasional cleaning assistance if it’s in your budget and you’re running ragged.  Good for the soul.


10 thoughts on “How to make your wife happy

  1. Boo hiss on the gig. They don’t know what they’re missing.

    But YAY on the cleaning lady. I never realized how much help a few simple hrs every 2 weeks could be but it’s HUGE and well worth every last penny.

  2. Sorry about the job.

    Couldn’t agree more about the cleaning lady. Best money we spend every month. I’d give up other stuff first before I give up my cleaning help every other week. If I could afford it, I’d do it every week.

  3. Off and on over the years I have had cleaning help and it really is a delight. There is something about having ALL the place clean at the same time that is sooo nice.

    Where we live though, it is quite pricey ($100+) per visit so it has to be planned….then of course I have to clean before she gets here so she doesn’t think we are slobs 😉

  4. A big boo to whoever was doing casting for that gig. But a big yay for the cleaning lady plan being implemented. I need to review our budget and see if it might be an option. I’ve never gotten around to doing that but I have meant to for years – sort of absurd that I might do it now that I’m home, but on the other hand, I’d appreciate it more since I spend so much more time in the house these days.

    • If you’ve never done it before,you feel like a complete princess calling in someone, but you know what, there’s a reason it took her 3 hours to clean! And it’ s not like I don’t regularly wash the floors or clean the bathroom. You are constantly interrupted with an infant, so you never really finish anything. I was home the whole time, and since having the little one home, I’ve had neither the time, energy nor the inclination to spend my free time scrubbing the grout or searching out every dust bunny.

  5. Just got your comment on my post and gave your link 🙂

    Are you teasing me with the fact you were in an episode?? Do they shoot up there? Damn, girl…now I am going to have to watch EVERY episode online to find one spectacularly beautiful woman. You tease 🙂

  6. I’m still trying to convince dh on the merits of a cleaning lady, even just once a month. I can usually manage a dust/kitchen/bathrooms/vacuum once a week — it’s the deeper cleaning & organizing projects I never seem to have time for. And I resent having to spend most of my hard-earned Saturdays with a dust cloth in hand.

    Dh thinks a cleaning lady is too bourgeois, & what would his relatives think? The subject came up once at a family gathering. All the women thought it was an excellent idea. It was their husbands who were resisting. What does that tell you??

    One cousin said her husband said, “That’s money we could be spending on our daughter.” To which she replied, “Yeah, but it’s also TIME I could be spending with our daughter too.” Touche!!

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