Bad back

I don’t know about you but I hem and haw about very expensive items that I’m going to be stuck with for a long time.  Cars, eyeglasses, furniture… and beds.  Committment issues, I guess.

We are exchanging our deluxe plush hotel bed for a firmer mattress.  Yes, it’s supremely comfortable, but I’ve been having issues with my back.  Honestly, this bed is freaking comfortable….the sex on the bed is COMFORTABLE…. but it’s TOO comfortable for my back.  And this is after my chiropractic visits. Now that I’m actually getting a full night’s sleep, I find my upper back kind of burns a bit halfway through the night.  I sleep on my side most of the time but  my hip  bones ache. I think I’m sinking in too deeply.  Or I’m too heavy.  Can’t exchange my ass though.   I’ve always slept on a firm bed and we were taking a leap of faith so to speak with the plushy pillowtop.  I don’t think I can live with it for the next 10 yrs though.  Of course, hubby left it up to me to decide, but if I have to hear that it’s too hard or something, I’m going to kill him.  He’ll probably gripe anyway just to bug me.

So I power walked with little K downtown and spent 1/2 hour  laying on one bed and then another.  Of course, the cheaper 2009 model was gone, so we didn’t get the big refund we were expecting but the new bed should arrive in 10 days. I put the sales guy on the phone to explain that one. I knew that if I tried to explain it to hubby myself he’d end up asking me a bunch of questions that I didn’t have answers to and frankly, I didn’t want to do this by myself anyway.   I hope to goodness, I don’t regret it.


4 thoughts on “Bad back

  1. Oh yeah…. I know this one well. We traded the saggy pillow top for an extra firm (probably a bit too firm but whatever). The pressure point pain is not near what it was becoming on the old one.

    BUT…. if you DO find a way to trade in your ass, can you let me know? I’ve got a whopper of a trade-in!

  2. oh we SO desperately need a new bed. ours is about 17 years old and is killing my back and side. and I’m married to a chiropractor. plus the damn thing is LOUD and creaky. it’s AWFUL! we’ve just been so broke and haven’t wanted to spend the money. stupid, I know. hope you love the new one.

    I wish I could exchange my ass though. that might help.

  3. We got a new one not long ago. Why is it that it is SO hard to come to grips with spending that much? I was angry the rest of the day. Got a firmer one, and I still end up cramming a squishy pillow underneath me for comfort.

    Oh, and as for the ass thing. I love my ass. It is my gut I need to rearrange somehow.

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