Meeting of the mamas

Had an interesting weekend.  Don’t have the energy to tell you about the second half, I’m too tired, but in the first half was great!  I met up with Barely Sane at Infertility Licks! She lives in the burbs and I live downtown so we met halfway.  And yes, the husbands came along as well.  Wow, that was an achievement on my end.  Frankly, they’re great to keep the kids occupied while the womenfolk talk about the serious stuff.  She is totally awesome, so warm and inviting and down to earth.  It was like I’ve known her for years!  MG was adorable and so was her hubby!

I had mentioned her blog to hubby a couple years ago when I hopefully thought our wait would be as short as hers.  Snort.

She recently posted about thoughts of having  another child.  That really got me thinking, of course.  Alas, having/getting another child is not as easy as I’d like. Not exactly Angelina Jolie over here.  So I’m going to have to breathe in the smell of his head a little bit more and enjoy Special K’s babyhood while I can.


5 thoughts on “Meeting of the mamas

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time. I love meeting with fellow bloggers!

    I kind of felt the same way with Zilla. Once I realized he was our last, I spent a lot of time chilling and playing with him. It was an amazing 5 years before he started school.

  2. You may have to fight off MG – she seemed quite happy to smell him too. What a cute sight those two were!!

    And I agree, it felt like we’ve known each other forever!

  3. How fun to meet fellow bloggers! It’s bummer to have to let go of the dream of more than one child. Especially after all the crap you’ve been through to become parents.

  4. Another “gift” of infertility–having another is next to impossible for so many. Sounds like a great get-together.

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