To be firm or not to be firm

Okay, so THE phone call didn’t happen.  Hubby was exceptionally busy yesterday, I had an audition, we couldn’t have mum over as we usually do on a Tuesday, but no phone call.  I assumed she was working, but it would have been nice if she had dropped me an email since indeed that was the case.  Just as well, perhaps some deep thinking will ensue.  Or not.

On another note, we got our new mattress.  Well, we went from super cushy to super firm.  OMG.  What have I done?    It apples and oranges though.  If I had never lay on a SUPER cushy mattress, I would have never realized the difference.  I’ve always slept on a firm mattress.  It still has a pillow top but the “give” is minimal.  Good news, no burning between the shoulder blades and my hip bones are fine.  Also, I give wee man his morning meal in my bed and we share some serious cuddle/coffee time.  However, now he doesn’t roll into the hollowed out space when I get in or out.  It’s a lovely feeling to sink into a cloud at the end of the day but it gets annoying after a while.  I might have gone for the one that split the difference pillowtop had hubby shown up to give an opinion, but too bad.  The deal is done and I sleep well.  Well, not really.  I’ve been super preoccupied, and a bit tense.

The little guy woke me up at 4am  the other night – it seems his #1 diapers don’t cut it anymore.  Well technically, I got up 45 minutes later after I first heard him, I kept praying he would give up the bleating and go back to sleep, but the boy knows what he wants.   He was super wet and by the time I changed him and fed him out of his crankiness, I couldn’t get back to sleep for an another hour and of course, he was up by the time I had fallen into a deep sleep.   Gotta love that.  By early evening I was craving a Red Bull so I wouldn’t fall asleep in my dinner.  Oh, yes I got #2 Pampers.  I can still finish off what we have left for day time use, but it’s #2 for bed time for sure.

Oh, yeah, I had another audition and I have one more tomorrow.  Yippee.

8 thoughts on “To be firm or not to be firm

  1. Good luck on your auditions. You have convinced me that I likely need a firmer mattress. I have the same hurting in my hips/shoulders.

  2. Wishing you luck with your auditions!

    I always have mattress buyers-remorse but I get used to it after a while. If it helps your pain I’d say you made the right choice.

  3. How about buying one of those “egg crate” toppers that you can stick on tip of the mattress for a teeny bit more softness on top of the firmness?

    Break a leg at the auditions. (I think I heard once that is the way to wish a performer good luck, if not, I don’t hope you really break your leg 😉

    • You’re the best, you know that? I thought of a topper but for the money we spent on the bed, hubby would think I was insane. Okay, maybe I’ll sneak one in later….

  4. yeah they do have awesome toppers, egg crate, down, memory foam, oh the choices huh? sneak it in and he may never know! your cuddle time sounds awesome, I so hope I get to experience that in the future with my babies, God Willing. happy iclw girl.

  5. Snuggle time in the mornings is so great. We just got a new matress last month, and I sleep as though I’m sleeping on a cloud now. Hopefully once your’s get more broke in or you’re able to get a topper you’ll be sleeping the same way. Break a leg at your auditions, also.

    ICLW #33

  6. i’m distracted by the fact that your wee one was still in #1 diapers!! if i remember correctly he was born in dec…. our babe was in #3 at 2 1/2 months and #4’s by the time he turned 5 months!

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