Monday night out

I did a stupid thing yesterday – I called MSP (Medical Services Plan) to find out if I should fax or mail in a copy of the immigration paperwork for baby K.  Of course, after I entered in a dazzling number of numerical prompts and put on hold, I had to hang up of course, cause the Precious needed me.  Then I tried again and lo and behold I was presented with the chance to leave my number for a callback!  And they called back!  But then she said the wrong form was submitted (no, it wasn’t), and it needed both parent’s signatures (no)  and she needed the letter of no objection (what?)  This was news to me since we got a form letter saying they just needed additional immigration information regarding his resident status.  Sigh. Why is it that when you deal with government departments, you get a DIFFERENT answer for the same situation every single time?!!!!!

I’ve scheduled the Precious for his physical by an approved IMMIGRATION doctor (you know, the kind that you have to pay to do what the GP did for nothing because they have to fill out 6 pages of paperwork).  They happen to be in the same clinic so he can look up his health information on their computer system.  I’ve yet to get him in for his next set of immunization shots because I’m not sure if I want to have them done on the same day or not.  It would save making two trips but I’d definitely like the shots done AFTER the immigration doctor. Since it will be in the afternoon, he’s going to be pretty pissy anyway, no need to push it.

Last night we went to visit our good friends who have two little boys.  Enter screaming and chaos and for good measure, we brought the dog too.  I’ve noticed the Precious is now at the stage where he definitely knows who his parents are (he started wailing every time the wife looked at him).  Nice moment for me was when I could actually make him stop crying.  Me.  Like a real mum.  It wasn’t too long ago when I was the woman who the babies wailed at.

Of course, the mums opened up the bottle of wine and we ate pizza and talked about motherhood, housework and the whole mummy cult.  I love talking about the kid, but I also rather enjoy adult conversation about movies, and shopping and spiritual fulfillment.  Shopping and spiritual fulfillment  – they aren’t the same thing? Her husband is often  gone for more than a week on business.  Recently she had undergone the unenviable position of being pukey sick with two pukey sick kids at the same time.  I felt bad we couldn’t help but we didn’t want to risk catching whatever it was.

It was nice getting out, we didn’t stay too late and a lovely side effect of keeping the Precious out past his bedtime was that he slept in this morning (notwithstanding the 5 am babblefest)  and graciously allowed his mummy to write this post in under 4 hours!

4 thoughts on “Monday night out

  1. “Why is it that when you deal with government departments, you get a DIFFERENT answer for the same situation every single time?!!!!!”

    I thought this was an American problem. Happy/sad to know that it knows no boundaries. Here, it is this way with government, insurance companies, cell phone providers, just about anything you would ever need to make an inquiry about. 3 calls=3 different answers.

    Isn’t it wonderful when your son looks at you, he knows that you are the one that comforts him. Only mom has those powers. I wouldn’t give up those memorable moments for anything. 🙂

  2. So sorry about your bureaucratic woes. No fun at all.

    What a wonderful feeling to realize YOU’RE the one he wants, YOU’RE the one that can calm him best. Sounds amazing.

  3. When I was making plans to move to Mexico City (16 years ago!) I ran into the same thing with the Mexican consulate in Atlanta. I was sweating bullets leading up to the day I was supposed to leave. Documents had to be sent to the consulate overnight and wait! They were supposed to be notarized first! No, they weren’t. Yes they were. Oh and there is a fee. What you mean nobody told you about the fee? Thanks for the check but we only take money orders. You mean nobody told you that the 20th time you called to verify you had everything you needed? It was literally the last possible moment before leaving that it all came together. Then I get to Mexico and nobody was expecting me…even after confirming I would be there. Governments are run inefficiently no matter where you are I think.
    And you ARE a real mum. I am glad you had that sweet moment of being the only one who could calm YOUR son.

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