Archive | April 1, 2010


DH took the day off (well he tried to work from home, that didn’t go well – see how that works, honey?) and we went for a long walk with the dog and tidied up – oh, the dog hair!).We had our second (out of 3) visit from the social worker.  Filled out the same form, went over same territory. Nice visit though.  Seems like we’re running out of time to have all 3 reports in for the final hearing in the States.  Go figure.  I told our agency social worker that we should have received a visit in January, so technically, we’re a little behind.  We have another appointment (which HAS to be scheduled at least 6 wks from this one) in May, two days before the hearing.  Oddly enough, there were no questions about his birthmother or how the immigration process was going.  And then as I kept my eye on the clock, I pronounced the visit over and went on my way.  What a difference, eh?  At first, I felt like I had to impress the social worker and now, it’s yeah, he’s doing great, we’re great, are we done now?

Then we went to see my Buddhist friend for reiki for me and the Precious.  After she held him and talked to him for a while and asked for his permission to perform reiki, she put him on the massage table and began.  He was a little unsure at first, crying out every now and then but when I moved to stand near his head, he calmed down and all went well.  He has a a bit of gas/reflux after his feedings and so typically as soon as she tried to move the energy pass his diaphragm he would cry out, but eventually he became calm and began to enjoy the attention.  So much so that when it was my turn, he protested being ignored. Every time she turned to talk to him he was fine and cooed and when she turned back to me, he balked.   Eventually, she had to put him on my stomach and while he enjoyed biting on my knuckles he soon grew tired and wanted to be fed.  Ah, well, it was a nice relaxation while it lasted. Once satiated, he fell into a milk coma, and I enjoyed his weight in my arms.

My friend told me that she wanted to continue doing reiki on all the new babies in our area.  She never had children (she had decided that at a young age that she didn’t want any) and saw it as her mission to pass on positive, healing energy to all the Buddhist babies.  She said nam myo ho renge kyo was the positive energy in the universe, and so was reiki so she thought it was a natural fit.  She could be the spiritual grandmother to all these children.  Wow, isn’t that beautiful?  What a wonderful gift!  How lucky am I?  Going to her place is always like a little oasis for me.