Date night

Me and the hubs had a date night.  Lawdy, it’s been two months since we’ve been alone together.  His mum came over to give us relief so we could go out to dinner and a movie.I felt a bit bad for her because he’s now in the stage where he clearly knows who his mum and dad are and he doesn’t take kindly to strangers and we simply don’t see her enough.  So of course he started crying when she stared at him too long.  “Playing strange” as she says.

She suggested that we stay out and rent a hotel room.  Of course, the timing was off as Aunt Flo also came to town this week.  Figures.  Frankly, if we had rented a room, we would have just slept anyway, had breakfast the next morning in bed and gone back to sleep.  We left late afternoon and walked up the street, I bought hubby some linen drawstring pants for his birthday (later this week) and then we went to dinner.  Had a few DELICIOUS martinis.  Omigod they tasted good!  We even managed to keep talk about the little guy to a minimum.  It was really great to just have an uninterrupted meal together.  It was a like a little like leaving the house without your big heavy purse, though.  You feel like you’re missing something you’re used to lugging around all the time.  It felt weird.  Lug around?  Nice mum, eh?

But the thing about drinking in the afternoon is that I get very sleepy.  We went to see Avatar and I nodded off a couple of times.  I enjoyed the 3D effects of the movie but hubby and I both agreed that there were a lot of rehashing of other movie concepts in there.   A little bit of Lord of the Rings, a little bit of Predator, a little bit of Dances with Wolves and Last of the Mohicans, that type of thing.  We watch A LOT of movies, so we’re a bit tough to please.  I’m glad we saw it in the big theatre though, it was fun wearing the 3D glasses.  Then as usual, we rush back home, hubby was exhausted and I stayed up til 12:30 even though I was completely exhausted.  Just so I could say I took advantage of the fact that my lovely MIL would be getting up with the boy in the morning.  I did sleep in but my MIL was laughing so hard at the baby’s morning antics, I thought I might as well get up.

We went to a small beach in the park to let Juno run around a bit after breakfast.  Yes, the entire park is on-leash but you can get away with it in certain places unless a park ranger shows up.  It was nice the whole family going for a walk.  And you know, this time, it’s more than just me, DH and the dog as the “family”.    It was a gorgeous, sunny Sunday and there were tons of people around.  A young native couple carried their little toddler girl who was fast asleep in a stroller down to the  sand and sat on a log to enjoy a quick bite.  The dog was swimming(!) in the water, DH and MIL were laughing and I was holding Special K in my lap on the wall after feeding him, constantly pointing out daddy to him.  It was just one of those really nice moments. The beach got more and more crowded with people enjoying the mild weather and gorgeous view.   As they were leaving, the girl stopped and remarked, “Oh, your genes are stronger than his daddy’s! You can’t even tell he’s mixed!” Yep, people say the darndest things.  I just laughed.  I’m going to start cataloging these comments. I have no idea why anyone would actually say something like that out loud, but there you go.


3 thoughts on “Date night

  1. Do keep a personal diary of stupid comments. Sadly, you will probably need a very big diary. It always annoyed the hell out of me, but when our son was old enough to “get” some of the comments, the momma bear in me came out and I was ready for a smack-down. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was look at my brokenhearted son, when he thought someone was making fun of him because he didn’t look like us. Parenting, and knowing all the answers is hard enough, but there are times when the questions are especially hard regarding adoption.

    It sounds like a lovely park for some family time. Enjoy each precious day 🙂

  2. Date nights rock…. especially when there is a yummy martini (or 4) involved! Yay!

    And yes, stupid human comments never end.

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