Archive | April 16, 2010

Friday rant

I’m in a bit of a sour mood. It’s hubby’s birthday and he’s gone away for a boys’ soccer weekend.  I’ve been in a mood all week, just a bit snippy, you know.  I lost $20 the other day and then I lost the brand new sunshade I bought for the stroller.  I HATE LOSING THINGS!!!!  Both on days when I was feeling a little rushed and under pressure and like I needed a break to be by myself for an hour.  I can get over losing $20, hell, I’m sure it was a nice treat for someone but it burns my ass that I gotta go back to Bad Service is Us to get another one.  Cause when I bought the first one, I had to return it cause it sucked and cause the  so called easy snap-on wasn’t so easy, and I bought the more expensive type that I really loved (Kiddopotamus) and you know that took forever cause there’s only one cashier and of course she was doing a return or something  and my  return turned into an epic ordeal and somehow during the following day I went to pick up my demos (which won’t play it turns out) and sat for a visit with the woman who did it and tried to feed the kid who of course wasn’t hungry but was by the time I left he started to cry and then picked up my mum to take her to the hairdressers and then drove to a mall to get DH a linen shirt (which involved taking an elevator in Zellers, winding my way through the store, out in the mall, getting the shirt in record time, changing K in a lovely family room, feeding K, and then backtracking my way to the car)  going to the bank, then returning to get mum, getting a latte and donut (I was starving, I ate it and felt promptly guilty) picking up mum, forgetting my latte so I went back to get it cause I was that desperate for it), dropping mum off, getting dog food, picking up sushi for dinner, then going to a Buddhist chant.  And yes the chanting was the best part of the day.  Hubby was home, so I didn’t have a chance to print out a pic to go in a frame that I had bought him (cause I forget the memory stick the day I took the dog and the baby for a walk to go to the drugstore to get them to do it).  So luckily today was Juno’s adventure walk, but when hubby was getting picked up by his friend he was chewing cinnamon gum of all things which I took to mean he was masking his breath cause he probably was smoking weed which completely ticked me off because he lies so badly and I don’t want to be ticked off cause maybe he wasn’t but I doubt it, but I am because I’m feeling schlumpy cause the only clothes I wear are full of spit up and dog hair!!!!!!! BREATHE.  Cause next weekend I am attending a workshop and I plan on working like a dog to prove that I still got it and by the time I get home, hubby will be all smug cause it’s so easy to clean the house, walk the dog and be with the kid.  It’s so EASY, it not like WORK!!!  And as my MIL says, I’m SOOOOOOO lucky cause I have a husband who PITCHES in so much.

My tiara is dangling off my ear right now.