Archive | April 26, 2010

Weekend fun

Had an awesome weekend doing a scene study workshop.  I was pretty nervous, it was hard enough trying to memorize my scene when the only spare time I had was walking with the Precious and Juno.  Yet I did better than I thought I would and by the time Sunday rolled around, well, I nailed it.  The acting coach loved it!

That meant it was DH and the little one all weekend.  And guess what, he didn’t shower.  Mmmmm.  See honey?  Not so frigging easy is it? What, no dinner waiting for me?  I had a working holiday so to speak, and I loved every second of it.  Heck, sure I missed the little guy, but I did get to spend a little time with him before bedtime.

Okay, I have a question.  DH decided not to swaddle his legs(cause he kicks his way out of it anyway) and the little angel woke up at 5am, cooing and babbling away.  Not my shift, honey, too bad.  Then the next night he was up twice.  On my shift.  He hasn’t done that since he was 1 month old.  The 1st time, I fed him  a little bit, he didn’t seem too hungry, just awake. I didn’t talk to him or look at him too much, didn’t turn on the light.  It’s not playtime, buddy, it’s sleepy time.  And as luck would have, our building seemed to be out of hot water, so I had to boil water first to warm up his bottle (all the better to make him sleepy).  I put him down 40 minutes later and he talked himself to sleep.  The 2nd time at 4:45 am he was crying and hungry.  I fed him a full bottle, changed him and all was well til 8am.  Now my question is this, what the heck is up with this change?  Is it time for rice cereal? I tried to give him some this morning, he was not impressed, though he was quite enamoured with the spoon.  So it is the late napping?  Formula issues?  Any hints out there?  Have the days of my peacefully sleeping baby come to an end?