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By the way, sleepy parents….

For those with tots who haven’t read the experts’ books –  Read the comments below.  What’s funny is at the bottom of the page there are the advertiser links that boast of their superior putting baby to sleep methods.  HAH!

Sleepy mummy

Thank you for the input – it really helps.  My little guy was an EXCELLENT sleeper/napper.  Until a few days ago. I went back to swaddling his legs as he is quite the kicker.   Okay, so he is waking up all happy and babbling and crowing, yes he CROWS (AH  WOO!) – at 3am!  We listened to him on the monitor – he went on for an HOUR.  Then up again at 4:30am, not so happy, but not terribly miserable either. I changed his diaper, it had leaked a little but it wasn’t full –  fed him a couple of ounces of formula and held and cuddled him, then put him back down, still awake but quiet.  I turned down the heat in his room, it seemed too warm; I always wake up when I’m too hot as well.  He went back to crowing however.  I had to turn off the monitor so we could get a little sleep.  Frankly, I can hear him from down the hall just fine without the amplification. I got up at 7:20 and he was happily babbling and waiting for me, all smiles.

Tried to give him some rice cereal yesterday morning.  He ended up with most of it on his face.  He liked the spoon but not the food.  Tried again this morning and he wasn’t having it.  I thought at first maybe he wasn’t getting enough food and that’s why he was waking up, but now I’m thinking he’s going to bed too early.  So I guess it’s experimentation time.  I’ll be watching the teething situation  – I’ll stock up on the homeopathic remedy just in case – fiddle with the nap and bedtime hours and see if I can’t bring us back our peaceful nights.

Now where’s my Red Bull?