Archive | April 28, 2010

Keeping it real

I’ve been trying to get some pictures printed for weeks so I set out for an out of the way drugstore because it was close to a dog park.  That way the dog could have a little fun, I could get to the drugstore, sit down at that stupid photo computer thing and get the damn pics.  Of course en route I ran into one of the workers at my mother’s care home who just had to visit with my cute kid, and then my old nutritionist and her boyfriend at the dog park.  I had a moment of omigod, she still smoking hot and I’m still hot but not so svelte anymore.  She does the nutrition plans for the Last 10 Pound Bootcamp show on Slice TV.  She is a lovely, warm young woman and I’d kill to be have her figure.  Why do I always do that to myself?  It’s like a knee-jerk reaction I have to put myself down.  I felt like a bad student, oh, I’m sorry Miss Nutritionist, I’ve been a  bad girl and eaten my way out of my Lululemons.  She tried to make me feel better by saying, oh, but you had a kid and of course, I couldn’t let the baby take the hit for me on that one and told her he was adopted.  Yup.  I could kick myself.  I seriously have to stop doing that.  Now if my self consciousness would actually motivate me to do something about it….. ah, fuck it.  Shut up Superwoman, I can’t hear you – LALALALA!

I finally make it to the drugstore and you know who starts getting cranky.  When I finally make it back home, I feed the kid, feed the dog,  bathe him and he conks out. Mission accomplished and he’s down for a nap earlier rather than later.  He woke up last night but cackled to himself for about 20 min then went back to sleep.  So he was up in the morning at his usual time.  Good job!

Now of course, it’s obvious he needs quality nap time.  This means I have to avoid keeping him up by hauling him in and out of the car or stroller as I try to get other things done. It results in him taking a late afternoon nap and hence he’s not so damn sleepy at 3am.  Am I over thinking this?  Who knows,by next week, I’m sure it will be something else.   Oh, well, it’s funny what I’ll do to get a good night’s sleep, eh?  Once I even tried pinning up a sheet to the blinds (hubby went away and that was the night he decided to wake up crying) so maybe he’d give me an extra half hour in the morning …. nope, didn’t work.  I love that kid.  Keeping it real.