There isn’t enough booze in the world

Yes, I am feeling much better.   That was probably the least disgusting head cold I have ever had.  I strained my back again but that’s better too.  I swear that kid is going to have me traction in a couple of months.  Now for I need to gird my loins for the incoming family members.  Two days away. If only I could lose 3 inches around my waist and get Beyonce hair…. but that’s not going to happen, so I’ll just have to be my wonderful self and know that I am enough.  Apparently, my BIL and one of my nieces if flying back home on Monday.  A bit odd, to fly 3000 km for a couple of days, but whatever.

We’ve been living here for 3 years but we now just got around to replacing the disco ball in the dining room with an actual light fixture.  Yes, that’s what I said a disco ball.  Don’t ask.   Since we don’t actually having a dining room table (just a kitchen one), it was never a huge priority to replace it.  Apparently, I had other things on my mind, and hubby, refuses to replace fixtures in a rented place.  Unless of course, a TV goes on it.  Well, we were saving for adoption, remember?  I could have had the chair and a half of my dreams, but noooooo, I decided it was better to adopt.  Crazy, eh?

I finally dragged my butt to Crappy Tire and got a semi flush fixture on sale and told him he better put it up NOW.  And lo and behold, he did it without cussing me out or tripping the breaker.

The house is clean, thanks to a housecleaner, but it’s still cluttered. There’s no room to actually put things out of sight, so I either have to start pitching stuff or rearrange, file or box things.  Yeah, yeah, I know. Busy work to keep me from actually feeling emotion.  Whatever.  My younger sister acknowledged that this visit might be stressful for me.  Really.  How much wine do you think I need to buy?

I’ll be fine.  I have my Gohonzon.  I wonder if there’s any wine in there.


5 thoughts on “There isn’t enough booze in the world

  1. I anticipate reading some very interesting posts from you in the next few days. I hope all goes well for you and I am looking forward to reading about it. Good luck!

  2. Would you hate me if I told you this post made me laugh? I am not laughing AT you, but WITH you….because if you don’t laugh, your head may explode.

    Now, as for the dining room, we didn’t have a table in there for YEARS. I did utilize that room as a playroom though. All the toys were there in a couple of wicker chests. Could you do that? Besides…YOU HAVE A BABY, your house is expected to be cluttered. If the family doesn’t think so, tough shit.

    I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming posts about the visit.

    You need to get up each morning (or hide in the bathroom as needed through the day) and tell yourself that the only thing that truly matters is DH and Special K. Your siblings are siblings and even if they think so….they are NOT better than you.

    I am hoping they are so taken with Special K that all of their passive aggressive behavior disappears. It would be wonderful to have a truly good visit. I am hoping that for you.

    (But, still can’t wait to read about it 😉

  3. I agree with OHN – when you have a baby, it’s like a license for a messy house. It’s basically mandatory. But yeah, I hope the family understands and is just happy to be there with you and K and your hub.

    Hang in there. And I’m looking forward to updates, too. xoxo

  4. Having a baby is license but so is living!! Even before the baby I always had to remind myself that there was more to life than worrying about whether Lucy’s fur was gathering in a giant ball lurking in a corner somewhere (and it usually is) — Disco ball — I LOVE IT… yeah, our dining room table has deep grooves on either side right in the middle– guess from what? If I told you we put the cat food dishes up there would you know? Yep, Lucy claws trying to get purchase enough to gobble up Henry’s food.

    I second OHN’s hiding in the bathroom – it has always been my favorite place to just excuse myself and go take deep breaths — and family are effing crazy! I’m in the middle of a big family drama myself so I keep telling myself — so it’s not the family of my dreams — I get to CHOOSE that family — and have with G and the friends I gather around me.

    You don’t mind if I make you an honorary sister do you?


    I hope it goes well and that deep breathing, wine, and a good detox session later with DH makes it all doable…


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