They’re heee’re!

So far, so good and I’ve only had one glass of wine so far…..

They arrived yesterday morning and no, they didn’t make a beeline to see mother.  I did invite them over since they were walking around downtown before they could check in.  In our family, we don’t show up empty handed so they came bearing flowers and a nice tea/cookie box from Crabtree and Evelyn.  That was very nice.  I actually had tears in my eyes when they walked in.  My niece and nephew are all grown up.  Yes, my sister managed somehow to NOT hold the baby – she works in childcare – so don’t ask me how she can resist a cute baby, but there you go.  My expectations are fairly low, so I can’t be disappointed too much.  I’ve figured out just how much I can annoy her and amuse myself at the same time.  They’ve managed to back out of having dinner with us so far this weekend.  It’s so different from DH’s family, who will spend 24/7 with you if they can help it.

We did go see mother today and we all hung out at Starbucks.  They brought tons of new clothes and hats for her.  Mum was so happy to see them.  I think she was rather overwhelmed, but it was nice hearing the kids remind her of how she would cook for them and perform at their school activities.  She even managed to sing once I prompted her with the tune.  Anyways, more family arrives tomorrow so stay tuned.

I’m just going to relax tonight and have sushi.


3 thoughts on “They’re heee’re!

  1. mnnn sushi — and more importantly — Sake!

    I love the part about annoying her and amusing yourself…sometimes its all you can do…G and I had a lot of fun poking fun at my brother when we were in pretentiousland…it’s a good coping skill…



  2. wow, good luck with all that. and good chanting. at least they’re not staying with you.

    but this? “I’ve figured out just how much I can annoy her and amuse myself at the same time.” that made me laugh out loud.

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