Only 2 glasses of wine

Had the family over the other night. Enter brother in law (who we all used to hate) and my other niece.  They brought some rotisserie chicken, potato salad, etc and  I put out some fruit, veggies, cheese, hummus and pita, etc.  Oddly, they didn’t really eat much so I assume they ate earlier on.  Hubby entertained the guys and I sat in the kitchen (of course) with the women and talked.  I learned some very interesting things about my older sister.  When I wrote the story of my mother, there was a lot of information that I didn’t have, so I guessed and it turns out my sister actually came to England before I was born.  She used to pick me up at the babysitter down the hall – at age 8 or 9 – and bring me home.  My mohter was always working.

Anyway, other than it being perfectly obvious that she doesn’t care for little babies (even though she works in child care and bore 3 children whom I’m assuming were babies at one point), we got along well.  She shared stories about mum with her daughters.  My girlfriend dropped by to meet everyone and when I introduced her as a producer to my nephew, my sister freaked out a little.  Apparently, she doesn’t approve of her son’s interest in screenwriting.

It seems that they are a close knit family, which is good to see in a way.  It’s good to see that they care for one another even though us sisters aren’t that close.  I’d love to spend more one on one time with the kids, but it’s apparent that  it’s not going to happen; there simply isn’t enough time and I’m kinda tied up with the Precious.

More later…..

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