Mommy meeting

One of my joys is meeting new people and I was lucky enough to meet Harriet from See Theo Run.  This was about 1 month ago when the weather much nicer.    I was particularly interested in her story because she worked with the same agency but had adopted domestically. She packed up her beautiful son and brought him down to my neck of the woods.  Of course, that day, I planned to take the dog for an early walk but of course, the kid got up in the middle of the night which ended up in a late rise and by the time I got home with my pack I was late and I was covered in sweat.   After feeding and watering the dog, making sure the diaper bag was fully stocked, I strapped the little dude in the stroller,  the elevator decided not to  work, so I had to get him resettled in the carrier and walk down 9 floors.  Then the elevator was working so I went back up to put him in the stroller, but by now I’m too sweaty to be seen in public, so I change and wash my face.

We met at Starbucks (for some strange reason there are 3 within a block in my neighbourhood so you never just say I’ll meet you at Starbucks cause you have to specify exactly which one and what’s the store beside it) and I met her lovely Theo.  At 9 months, he was moving all over the place.  I watched him move from the ground to the patio rail, to a chair and back again.  It’s hard to take your eyes off of him, he’s so cute.  I think Baby K and him could be cousins.  Harriet is lovely and vivacious, forgiving me my tardiness.  I’ve yet to master the skill of giving myself sufficient time to move about with an infant.  Anyways, as I said Harriet is wonderful and I loved talking to her;  she must have thought I was a lonely lunatic so grateful I was for her company, particularly on that day. We talked about the aspects of open adoption and how her experience has been so far.  For those details, please visit her blog.  I read it as much as I can.  I love watching her little man grow.  I show the pics to my husband and go, look honey, soon our guy will be doing that and we’ll have to put bumper pads on the coffee table!

At one point, she had to move her car (parking down here is ridiculous) and so I was in charge of two strollers.  A lady with her kids in a tandem stroller was looking at me awkwardly navigating the two strollers across the street.  She said, “Are those both your kids?”  “No, ” I said, pointing to Harriet parallel parking her car in front of a coffee shop (yes, another one), “This one is hers.”  “Oh,” she said, “I was just going to suggest you should get a tandem stroller”.  She looked rather quizzically at Harriet and the back again at Theo.  That’s the look I get when I point to my husband as the “daddy”.  (He says he never gets  comments when he’s out with the kid.  Oddly, I am inundated with them.)

We went to a nearby park and she gave me benefit of the additional 3 month knowledge she has on me.  It’s kind of scary to think that soon my guy will be just as mobile as hers is.   Note to self, buy electrical outlet covers.  I paid attention as she had packed a lunch for him.  Gawd, the accessories never end!  I noticed how at ease she it with it all.  Another note to self:  RELAX, GIRL!  I really enjoyed our time together and if the weather ever improves, I hope get to do it again.

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